Crepuscular Solidão Margo Noir


This began as an experiment in audio editing using GoldWave. As I worked with it, a suggested Noir mystery evolved – the female protagonist, Margo, is in flight. Fractured memories and uncertain perception lead to ambiguous interaction and conversations, as fragments of pieces of music and radio broadcasts drift in and out of her stream of consciousness.

Crepuscular Solidao Margo Noir Antq frm


Images in this piece are my photographs and digital art compositions. Corel Video Studio Pro X4 was used for the production.

Crepuscular Solidao Margo Noir Title Slope


Crepuscular Solidao Margo Noir 2 Antq frm



Margo’s arrival at the hospital is undocumented.

She was last seen selecting hats –

Twilight Solitude.


Crepuscular Solidão Margo Noir………


Directions echo –

just ahead, confined escape,

wear well chosen hat. Crepuscular Solidao Margo Noir Title-credits


18 thoughts on “Crepuscular Solidão Margo Noir

    1. Thanks Derrick. My wife found some of the sound elements very jarring and the whole video was just a bit too creepy and ambiguous for her taste. 😀
      I tend to complexity and multiple interpretation, as you no doubt noticed from a number of my posts. 😀

      1. You’re very kind. Thank you. It’s not me, though. It was part of a post on Tuesday, which I’ve taken down for the time being. xo

  1. Got it up and running. I liked the discordant aspects of the soundscape. It had an emotional powered that made me worry for Margo and feel glad I wasn’t her. The images held my attention. The textures and colour tones particularly. I felt, however, that the black and white sections didn’t quite blend into the rest of the work. I hope you don’t mind that type of feedback!

    1. Thanks very much. Vimeo takes longer to initially load than YouTube, but after it does the quality of the video performance seems higher.
      Thanks for feedback – when you are referring to Black & white, do you mean the sketched/edged drawing components ?

    1. Thanks. Tried to build the track and master some of the tools available. Methodology is still a work in progress.

    1. Thanks Ashley. You had commented on the monochrome shot of the reception room and how it looked uninviting, when I posted it on Dark Pines Photo – the unease of the shot played into this video sequence and your observation helped me construct the narrative. 🙂

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