Beauty-Book Fashion Notes

Beauty-Book Fashion Notes

Beauty-Book Fashion Notes 

Pixie Cuts & Bobs

 above shoulder length hair,

forgives Today.



Perfectly Famed  Face –

Strands of Reality for a new style,

when Time comes –

Grow out of Social Constraints.


The wait can be a long one.

Forget Self – marking days off the calendar

like a Rapunzel-inspired metaphor of a Dizzy Blond.

The first step is the longest, sans extensions.



Makeup of Psyche,
Always keep your summer-self  minimal

arrayed in funeral attire

before the banquet




Use excess eye cream


the Cuticles of the Soul.



A good perfume,

a balanced blend of short notes and sighs

arranged like golden apples

in harmonious accord.

The blush of Spring,

Two fingers from the I,

in a cultivated grove


Hope & Shadows,


Heed the words of the Old

before they turn bitter

Under the Hard Sun.



Beauty-Book Fashion Notes 2gt



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