Chapter One : Earthquake

Chapter One - Earthquake


Three boys stood talking together in the dry school yard, where many students gathered, waiting for the final bell to ring to call them to their studies, “Hope?”

But you do have a greater stone still stuck in the bookcase, don’t you ?”

Yes, and I bought a second hand trunk to put under the bed.”

Well, I saw the strange old hermit, with a long white beard, and I’ve heard it said that he has some secret he’s trying to hide. If we go there we might find out the secret ! Now, what do you think of that for an idea ?” demanded Sammy, eagerly.

At that moment, what would be the first of three earthquakes began with low rumbles and a hideous vibration, a thunderbolt quickly slithered beneath their feet. As the rumbling continued, the central building shook like a wet dog trying to dry off. The boys held back, while the girls rushed from the booming echoes ……….

Childhood hurries on –

the still clocks smile knowingly,

who wins this race now ?


Note: The title and some of the text is derived from Fairview Boys at Camp Mystery (published 1914) by Frederick Gordon (Source: Project Gutenberg ).



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