Smoke Screen Mirror Taped Dawn

Smoke Screen Mirror Taped - 3Gt

Cracked tape covers smoke screen mirrors draped with shredded intended transitions, spacing the thin edges between dances of genres and media. So many questions rise like the dawn through the lines and layers built up by unseen hands. Why do birds, flying through the smokey spaces of screened skies, seize the imaginations of so many writers? Is it because they have wings like birds, that lets them rise into those taped reflections of Self, found curling up along the horizons at the edge of bent mirrors?


Smoke Screen Mirror Taped - 4Gt


Why not pack yogourt mirror film screen – smoking right?

The birds’ songs awaken at dawn,

Weaving together the noise of vertical historical edges.

Why not pack yogourt mirror film screen – smoking right?

Get some at your local pharmacy today !

For Dracula’s Shadow, as the face of violence and buttered pocket clocks in remote jungles of broken memory, lifts up a large fog, a cracked taped paper clinging to smoke-stained mirrors. How childhood memories of Mass Media moments become stitched together into a personal mythology. Dreams are smoke screen mirrors taped with smudged recollections of the previous day’s bleached Polaroid impressions.


Smoke Screen Mirror Taped - 5Gt


–  I think the past is in the name. Do you agree ? The Dawn isn’t a fixed point. It is a travelling trajectory. How do you tape Time to a mirror covered in cracked stained memories ?

Half a chance in the shuttered image

– There is a path of movement, like skin covered ice.


Smoke Screen Mirror Taped - 9sgw


Names and prejudices – spitting change!

Calculate fear.

Are you sure you want to buy that product ?

Names and prejudices – spitting change!

Calculate fear,…… insensitive sand.


Childhood memories, Mass Media moments stitched together into a personal mythology.


Smoke Screen Mirror Taped- 9gw


Over the grace of the sea water rises chipped corners of whispered outlines, yellowed and dark blue – this dawn makes you cry like birds seeking new nests. The shadow of the sun, an umber umbra, penumbra, and antumbra – feathered paper flaked amalgamation collage of ambiguous impressions flock into crow caws catching bright shiny elegiac sparks, stealing them – a congregation of fleeing seconds. 



Source Elements: Two diverse sources influenced the prose poem that accompanies these images. The first is the post, The Actor’s Agency – Part 8,   which found on Katherine’s blog, Photobooth Journal.  Note the bit of synchronistic pareidolia in the rectangle in the lower right hand quadrant of the last two compositions, there is a vague outline of a human figure (perhaps) – ties nicely with the speculation about the movie career of the French actor, George Ass. 

The second source was an episode of the BBC3 radio show The Verb. The episode, The Dawn Chorus, can be listened to online and down loaded as a podcast . This episode will be of particular interest to those who enjoy language, poetry, and creative expression using bird-songs/natural soundscapes.




9 thoughts on “Smoke Screen Mirror Taped Dawn

    1. Thanks very much Derrick. I enjoy exploring other blogs and using them them as elements of found poetry, prompts, and improvised jazz riffs of divergent phrases, topics and imagery. 🙂

  1. I love all of your work and as usual I’m at a loss for words to describe this beautiful composition. I enjoy the colour and textured layers. Looks like a painting on a sheet of copper.

    1. For me, one really stood out. The reflection of a shadow’s shadow all taped to rising smoke,…… A Jungian mirror no doubt. 🙂

  2. Wow, this is wonderful Joseph. I have never inspired someone to write and design before. Strangely I cannot see any figures here, whereas I quite often do in your other works. The prose poem had a lovely rhythm to it. I need to read it again.

    1. You had commented on Smoke Screen Mirror: That Old House, and as a consequence, when I went to start composing a prose poem for this sequence, I thought of your blog and happened upon your most recent post.

      I took a segment of your post and combined it with some lines of my own, and then put the combined elements through the ringer of Google Translate and a Dada Poetry generator. As I then worked on the composition and listened to The Verb.

      The material started to jell and that was when I really noticed what resembled a blank faced silhouette in the negative space of the last two images – Dracula’s blank reflection in the mirror ( George’s somewhat empty movie career ).

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