Broken Sonnet: Fallen 68

ghost by fallen 68


The ghost stands next to fallen 68,

Nameless in solitude, framed by time’s hands.

Photographic moment answers crashed fate,

Tattered wings painted by shrapnel strewn sands.


This was not a sad Gothic tale told true,

But an inky phantasm of shadows bent,

Creating a semblance in some false hue.

So is this new digital memory rent.


How can one find this vague etched place ‘n time ?

Release this outlined faux from ghostly haunt –

No more in purgatory this blank mime.

For this is but an exercise in thought.


How can this image be a truthful thing,

When by manipulation it did spring ?


Note: Broken Sonnet suffers from fractured metre and misplaced rhyme.  Source images from Library of Congress (Here)   and National Library Ireland (Here) in combination with metal surface texture  created from some of my photos.


2 thoughts on “Broken Sonnet: Fallen 68

    1. In Media Literacy it is important to understand the codes & conventions of a Medium, so that you can understand the constructed reality that is being created. This is what shapes the message and conveys both the intended and unintended messages.

      Literacy is the ability to “read” with meaning and critical thought. The text can be in many forms of Media. Media is constructed. The audience is manipulated.

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