Snapshot Text 2

frame by frame,

Snapshot Text 9brd

Choose whether to print your need –

to use it , sit on the print signal,

you can sit within The Sign

– slide into the Will of Self  or Refuse too, The Text.

Sitting on the Throne of  Words

creates Creole sunlight, 

Tears of stars,

Kisses of moonlight.

Take a Snapshot now –


Remember  how this came to be……..

Tones of striking Bells

over the waves of passing days.

Proposed patterns, we’re looking out,

towards the flickering lines

that danced out there,

where the horizon caressed the sky’s cheeks.

Did you record. ?


epilogue series,



We will pray for the loss of innocence .

Move with the currents to scale the edges of this difficult situation.

Dynamic descriptions enclosed in a frame.

You can. You can.
The position,


Movement. Movement. Movement.

And dynamic lines encased the text

in blue reminders of illuminated thought.

Or you can move.

Or you can move. …. state the obvious.




And so dynamic…….

Or it may move.

Or may it move ?


You can. You can.


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