Snapshot Text 3

Snapshot Text 9vrtrd

Black falls, come and sit with me.

The camera lens frames the shot.

Stillness raises up the lines, softly;

Passions that come to know questions,

explore specific areas of study – questions,



question more than I can be.


Whether this state beyond human comprehension chooses more freedom beyond the frame than those mountains printed with your own speeding thoughts, depends on remembrances in the shadowed valley .

They will wonder how many modern forms of communication theory are captured within the image held in their hands.


Snapshot Text 12rtrd

Perfect places in mass media,

questions, questions,



question our experience of the event –

improve memory & you too

can change the action !

Just download the app.


We are one with the Mass Media.

It will reproduce & create a new experience

in a different time and place.

Existence is a Mass Medium,

frolicking ponies like tumbling clouds,

in the form of a proposal

– Get Linked.


When sharp condiment cell numbers call,

Social yoga coffee and croissants

tortures carbon –

especially those older models

twisting into mental pretzels

before noon.


Check the Snapshot Window by the bed,

use it, sit on the graph-signal .

If you Glisten very slowly,

be as Coldly quiet as your Garbage can,

In the yard you’ll shear hymns –

whispering choral connections,

Prayers for lost terms of reference……..



Listen to the decaying sea ice talking about nagging villas to the south. It dares the stone carved images, constructed in a digital reality,

to convey a clear message midst the cacophonous coffins of contextualized Snapshot Texts tweeting and chatting –

the Pony carries the Olden-man Sitting on the Throne of Words.



Snapshot Text 1Pny1rtrd

Choose your print steed,

before it flits by Midnight on the meadow,

as the calico cats start-chatting

with the linked-in ponies in their shed.

Print and Framed at the Confabulation River,

they tell a cold narrative of the Dark Falls.


You can sit within The Sign.

Fetching Saints of Creole Illuminated Rhythms,

slide into the Will of Self.


Stringed Memories of Alternative Histories,

a string of ponies, some are white and some are brown,

prancing messages,

moving to Syncopated Realities.


Remember how this came to be……..

From woman’s eyes this doctrine I derive:

Tones of striking Bells.


In the sunset of his life a man often finds himself unable to put dates,

even upon events in which his sympathies dance,

out there among the ponies.


In the pale obscurity of the room, did you record the pony dance ?

Your ………   History.




Note to Viewers:  Sherry Lynn Felix wondered what the image in Snapshot Text 2 would look like rotated 90% CCW. With a bit of modification, this became the first image in this post. Can you see the gentleman in the composition ?  I think he is more prominent in this version.  The gentleman in the striking hat ( Lamont Cranston ? ) can be found on Katherine’s post, A Gentleman Of Distinction. My black and white shot of the pony is on the Dark Pine Photo blog.





12 thoughts on “Snapshot Text 3

    1. Agree Derrick! Or if the technology on which we save it, thinking it is safe, becomes so obsolete it can no longer be read by anything other than an inaccessible museum piece. Floppy discs come to mind as one example.

      1. elmediat

        Future archaeologists will be be using advantced technology trying to decipher and reconstruct our virtual remains ( the cuneiform tablets and scrolls of a long lost civilization ).

        Many thanks to both of you for your observations and comments.

        I have been immersed in the bizarre Byzantine Brexit blunders, plus assisting LIz in preparing to travel for a family wedding. 🙂

      2. Yes, I have been transfixed by the British meltdown. I am appalled and fascinated. Also worried about the far right thinking that has been given a boost by it. Very concerning.

    1. elmediat

      The Shadow knows 🙂 – The Wold Newton Multi-verse is an exploration of heroes from the pulp age and their fore-runners. It plays with the conceit, that like Holmes & Watson, their fictional accounts are based on actual people that are in some manner all connected. The photos of “Lamont” would appear to be actual photographic proof. 😀

      1. elmediat

        The fascinating coincidence that P.J. Farmer used to build up this theory was that there are a number of fictional heroes and villains that shared common physical and personality characteristics. First and foremost were the grey eyes, the tall stature and almost hyper-sensitive senses. Characters such as Lord Greystoke, Holmes, and The Shadow share some very similar characteristics. Archetype, mythic memory or genetic manipulation by mysterious forces ? 😀

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