Pulp Paper Texted

Pulp Paper Texted


Pulp Paper Texted 2


9 thoughts on “Pulp Paper Texted

    1. These started with a texture image called “Taped damaged-Sksp sour dough map81wjq”. 😀 Quite a variety of elements went into this, including the scan of a depleted toilet roll. 😀
      The forestry industry and the paper making industry, both have an impact on our region – see:


      I have been acquiring a lot of pieces of discarded household paper, documents, old cards and my daughter’s intriguing writing ( my computer/library cubby-hole room always needs more ). Some recent bits worked there way into the pieces as well. 🙂

      Final Blinge Flinschers post coming soon. 🙂

      1. That is fascinating that you collect so much paper ephemera. Can I send you some of my collection? My email is kgkatherine62@gmail.com/ if you would like to send me your address. Also interesting that paper is made near you. I can imagine the impact would be both positive and negative.

        As usual I am struggling to catch up, so hope I haven’t missed the last Blinge post!

    1. Many thanks for the support. Much appreciated. 🙂

      You may find my Dark Pines photo blog & media literacy blog of interest. Links at the side of this blog.

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