Blinge Flinschers: Final Enquiry

Blinge Flinschers Antique Lake Scene 1

Some questions about blinge flinschers arose over a series of posts on this blog.  They included reflection on the related terms of blörgen-nöord flieneschers and glurge mirinogs.  This leaves us with one last question – what does this all really mean .

Blinge Flinschers Antique Lake Scene 2

When I was preparing images for post that became Blinge Flinschers , I was thinking about the recent family wedding we had attended and the photographic and video record created.  As I played about with some textures, I thought of the early photographic records of weddings, couples and the married couples.  When I came to deciding on  what to call these images and the post, the term “blinge flinschers” popped into my head, quickly followed by the phrase “how often blinge flinschers appeared in early photographic compositions of married couples”.

Blinge Flinschers Forest Floor

Typical of my mindset, I was merging several ideas together. On the linguistics & communication theory side of things, I was intentionally creating a made-up term that suggested meaning related to photography, but was vague enough in context to be left open to interpretation. It also created a term that would create interesting search results – it turned out it was more interesting than I expected. It revealed an aspect of how search engines respond to search terms.

Blinge Flinschers Forest Floor 2

As I commented to Tony (Xraypics) in the second post, Googling Blinge Flinschers, “What started as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on culture, media and attitudes to couples/weddings has indirectly revealed aspects of online knowledge bases and behaviours”. Katherine Griffiths (Photobooth Journal) made the astute observation when she commented,

I think I understand what you have done and it is fascinating. The more people comment on and repeat the words Blinge Flinschers in the discussions, the more results turn up in a google search. It wouldn’t have mattered if you had called them glurge mirinogs or anything else the result would still be multiplying links.

I pointed out that in terms of search and images something else was happening. I had imagined that images that included the words blinge flinchers would show up, but other images appeared, including blogger’s icons.

Blinge Flinschers 3

Initially, the image search wasn’t finding the term in the image’s name, it was going by the title of the post and whether the term showed up on the page. It listed images that were found on pages where that term showed up. As a consequence, images that appeared on any of my blogs could show up because even the other two blogs had  a link list of recent posts on Implied Spaces. It made for an intriguing variety of images. The image search also included the blogger’s icons that appeared as likes or in the comments section.

Blinge Flinschers Antique Lake Scene clr1

So the outcome of searching for the terms, Blinge Flinschers, blörgen-nöord flieneschers, and glurge mirinogsm, was not just shaped by the number of times the term was used, but by context of other content – no matter how tenuous that content was. 

Blinge Flinschers Antique Lake Scene clr2

There is another aspect to the blinge flinchers posts that developed when I added more terms. My books on the go include a couple of alternative history tales. What ifs of history turned into settings for adventure and mystery narratives – speculations on the nature of society and the human condition.

Uchronia 1

So as a consequence, I took these terms to refer to an alternate history of photography, language, and mass media. Building a context that allowed the posts to exist in two timelines as it were. Mass Media and language constructs reality that the users come to share through communication. The images become artifacts of this alternative reality that has become accessible through the internet and blogging. The interconnection of images and terms has created a linkage between viewers and commentators by way of search algorithm, so that they now exist, on some digital level, in an alternative timeline.

Blinge Flinschers Antique Lake Scene clr3


12 thoughts on “Blinge Flinschers: Final Enquiry

    1. Yes those All-go-rhythms have a way of carrying us along to places we were not expecting – implied spaces. 😀

      1. Thanks Joseph! It might be a while before I get back to it as I am working on a project with a cousin to get my Grandfather’s musical legacy back into the public domain. I have started another blog documenting some of the family archive. It is going to be a huge project. Not sure I am up to it but really want to give it my best shot.

  1. How very strange that I recently met someone called Blinge Flinscheers (note the extra “e”). He is a former dustman now unemployed, due to an existential crisis that caused him to love the dustbins (or perhaps trash cans to you) so much that he couldn’t bear to empty them. However, as I only met him very recently , I’m not sure if he too is an artifact created by your creation of a name for him..

    1. Fascinating. Those may have been Schrödinger Dustbins. They are both empty and full until you look in them.
      We have a similar situation with our kitchen garbage container. I don’t look in it and it is not full. My wife looks in it and it is – she then tells me to take it out. 😀

      Many thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

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