Reaching Outward

Reaching Outward


Smoked screen mirror, a corduroy of corroded colours, hung on the wall. The Girl reached out from the surface, pushing forward as wheels of the photonic steam engine turned the folds of the metal. Grasping the  engraved glass ball, she firmly drew it to her.  The glyph message was processed and archived within her memory codex.

It was the certainty of this action that preserved the guaranteed stability of the City’s social structure. None had considered the possibility that the Radical Revolutionaries of the Rayon Republic would successfully hack the message, triggering a cataclysmic change in the order of governmental memes. By the time the realization of  their actions had arrived, the cultural memes had gone viral throughout the weave of the City. A new ordering of the Grid was underway. The Girl was reaching out.


2 thoughts on “Reaching Outward

    1. Thanks very much. I layered a photo of my daughter over the textured composition. If you look at the enlarged image, you can see a embossed figure reaching outward, centre left. It is one of those tricks of focusing on the elements – she fades in and out. 🙂

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