The Magazine Women Believe in

American Beauties 2



The Magazine Women Believe in

This post was an attempt to emulate the work of John Sapiro  .  The magazine cover and the music (Blues UndergroundSt James Infirmary) comes from the Internet Archive .  The photograph, Zigeunermeisje rookt sigaret / Gypsy girl smoking cigarette, January 12, 1912 , can be found at flickr commons.  For more on the retouching model image see my media literacy post, Marketing a Value -“No Retouching Photos”.



9 thoughts on “The Magazine Women Believe in

  1. I could see the John Sapiro vibe – and almost thought it was one of his works at first…..
    anyhow, how very cool – even though the background of the woman in bra and underwear seemed to not fit in – but his is your art – so go for it….

    1. Many thanks. The background image is part of an ad campaign. In the enlarged image, you can see one is labelled raw and the other retouched. My Media Literacy teacher hat was on :D. I was thinking about constructed reality and conveyed values, beliefs & ideology expressed in a magazine that promotes itself as something women can believe in.

      The linked article details how a company was trying to use real images to promote their products. 🙂

    1. Thanks Dave . Posted another which is a bit stranger in use of audio context. Also have one on Dark Pines Photo for Surreal Thursday. Animation has me creatively moving in odd directions. 😀

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