Primal Convergence



As an approximate primal solution,

we take the Minimizer

of the Lagrangian Dream;

I see under this, Equality –

Here The Stream foams and swirls

among jagged rocks of inquiry –

dual demons of identity

demonstrate form ,

a convex effort guarantees

that dual optimization of Self.



We derive error boundaries

for this approximate primal solution –

a mass of big-beliefed vines,

flowering and fragrant,


towering jungle giants,

explicit convergences –


the primal iterates of memory –

so long ago,

so long ago,

just a whisper,

a question unanswered

by news bytes




Important Properties,

Anger in first-order are clouds of unreason;

Be explicit when evaluating the dual gradient,

the soft swish of bearded moss,

the strange rustle of palms,

the dreamy hum of the languid jungle,

general smiles,

tearful hopes.

Lipschitz kisses

Admits the Shade of Solitude.


Convergence for assumptions ,

they are blind.

They constrain in senseless classes,

rated unworthy in the eyes

of the fearful ignorant masses –

Two methods set,

established linear global barriers,

Walls of hatred to keep out

The Other.

The high yellow bank,

Crumbling empathy,

Bare of sympathy,

There’s no outlet,

Just a sensation –

Blank dismay.


Feel now an expansive primal sleep

whose hold grates,

gathers gradients,

assembles constraints,



The only convergence,

The Continuity of We;

Duality is a drugged sleep;

Iterates locally of have and have not.



Dozing over paper editorials,

Nonlinear techniques;

Convergence in large-scale forests



pleading eyes.

Of this and that,


including primal constraint,



Their Anxieties.

This studying of that inequality problem


the circle of Calais,


the floodplains of the Rio Grande


9,000-foot peaks of the Coronado.



Calculating the Primal Convergence

requires balancing the equations of fear.



Q → ℝ over the time axis ℝ.

In particular,

Q = ℝ × M if a reference frame is fixed.

In classical field theory,

all field systems are the Lagrangian ones.


A Note on Process: I started with the image, which I titled Primal Convergence. Checking that phrasing  googled by path to Convergence analysis of approximate primal solutions in dual first-order methodsLipschitz continuity, and Lagrangian system.  I used the Dada Poem Generator to play with the text. I then incorporated some  lines and phrases from Ken Ward in the Jungle  by Zane Grey(1912) .  As I sculpted the text and worked word choices, the themes of The Other and selective memory came up, as they often do in my poetical puttering about.  The mathematical/engineering terms became a metaphor/imagery of the logical order of moving materials & people in contrast to the intense emotions surrounding the crisis in immigration & refugees ( the current form of this cyclical crisis/social issue ). Hopefully the specifics of the terms do not get in the way of the overall metaphorical associations.

The image that started this off now has a different context – the primal  core now suggests the fears and uncertainty facing both the refugees and those resistant to allowing them entry.  The languid to swinging jazz of Sidney Bechet’s  performance of Egyptian Fantasy (1941)  becomes an ironic musical commentary documenting the flight of the refugees.


6 thoughts on “Primal Convergence

  1. I really tried to research and find the meaning in this poem. I researched Langrangian (which was interesting), Lipschitz, circle of Calais, field theory, but Q=RYM had no reference material. You know that I’ve expressed a fondness for your work, but I don’t think I’m intellectual enough to enjoy this one. I feel like you’re expressing a need for balance and a non-reactionary attitude to world events, but…

    1. “Squaring the circle” is sometimes used as a metaphor for trying to do the impossible because in mathematics it was proven to be impossible to construct a square with the same area as a given circle by using only a finite number of steps with compass and straightedge. By referencing Calais, I was making an allusion to the attempt to “control” the refugees in the camp.

      The quotation at the end comes from

      For me the general theme of structure, social, cultural and political are being treated as if they function like rigid equations that can be solved and controlled. We try to turn complex emotional & social situations (circles) into easily handled simplistic political structures ( squares ). This is especially true when politicians talk about putting up physical barriers and bureaucratic systems to stop the flow of people. Trump’s wall and the wall planned for the Calais camp are specific examples.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

    1. Alas my limited versifying does not extend composing song lyrics. I have been listening to Poetry Please and The Verb on BBC online radio. The exposure to some of the newer contemporary poetry has had a small influence on some of the structure and repetitive patterns. I am more poetry peanut butter than poetry jam. The words stick to the roof of the mouth on occasion. 😀

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