Transmissions from the Dadaist Future

What we are like?

..many stones in the ocean.



Yes, in fact we live –

in a very short epoch –

in hermetic worlds.


People automatically are too short to hide,

proclaimed there in “Recognized guarantees” –

reasons sense two soup can songs,……

strange new birds fill the air,

children weep,

plastic remembers

our stories.


On “An Introduction Show”,

at the United Nations,

the process of identifying quilting

or electromagnetic devices,

Light Body held concerns,

voted down by the audience –

wear bunny ears,

dancing moose,

operatic hedgehog transects spoons.


It does not return the time to Karen !

Enlarge Butter rocks hurriedly.



Stars in the galaxy return thermal show this year.

Then which yesterday was very foam floor ?

Must know for musical theatre enactment.

Meaning inward on snow capped pyramids,

they vote hats when hate coins the fountain –

you know that eye.



Our kind of round wire with prices,

Doo-whop dhows’ delirium.

Honky-tonk keynote pendulums,

penguin peninsula provincialism

scatter halfpenny expatriates –

Sunburn pasture near yeomen in camps –

so sleepy on cobble streets are the straw men riding bicycles of clay.


We are under sacred yellow mummy oven test stools.

Now sucks the electoral history of Kaleidoscope souls.

All get shrill when lightning slips yams.  




Earn money, really black elbow –

cyanotype margarine mariners

still sit stiles,

silt column bakery –

instead Tulip City suspense,

court there,

a story packed my house number –

see cucumbers slithering.  


Slithering shadows stall

in front of fireplace music,

azure is quite possible –  


meandering pigeons sing ginger jingles,

that frozen telephone rag doll cracker

dog stone wail father

foil feathers glass shattered

composition of Grist

short tracked –

Cunning bitter or stupid bunny slope?


6 thoughts on “Transmissions from the Dadaist Future

    1. Many thanks. Yes the future has its own vocabulary. What would 1916 make of Google, Snapchat, WordPress blogging, Uptown Funk, poetry jam, Twitter, Flikr Commons, reality TV ? 😀

    1. Not exactly fractals. I have a hyper-tile effect on a plug-in. I used close-ups of dried paint to create two of the compositions. I used a close-up of a plastic tray for the other composition. The result resembles a fractal pattern, but I think the patterns here are a bit too irregular .

      many thanks for the comments. Far out is far better., even if it is a digital reality. 😀

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