Depth 3


To that Omnibus Rider, an awkward sleep came……..

In large print , two offers of a twanger in the newspaper:

Attention !! Anyone in a past life , leisurely playing in a trio, Stay in the Woods. There is no apology needed for passengers with diddley-bows. Only while supplies last !


Wisdom singing in the Depth of the Dreamer: Remember, He who goes against face-limited neighbours will see the body of the work in and about the perimeter of the musical composition. In this spirit of inquiry will be found balance and the dancing ashimba horses will appear.

Turn in without in.

There is no where to be.

Languages are the letter path,

Follow into the depths of meaning.





The trio , Lost Brother, ( Saxophonist Assif Tsahar , percussionist Hamid Drake – the drum kit, Indian tabla and African frame drum.- and Cooper-Moore performs on array of unusual instruments—twanger, diddley-bow and ashimba (an African marimba) ) . The piece is called  Dugong ( The Sea Cow).



2 thoughts on “Depth 3

    1. Thanks. I am now going to try to get some posts done that got left hanging while I was ill with the nasty head cold coughing virus thing that should never be mentioned again ( expect everyone is getting it & and it lasts a long time). 😀

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