Illuminated Quantum Maps



Butane sand terra

Maecti Eligbyrig Uuldurfadur


Dispel foar de quarks et ist gluons
Geræeiddeth Modgidanc


tsuganoki notheæ oedde Lyfode

iya sphere tempus tsugitsugi night shades


shiroshimeshishi wolde

Forest Hein miles quantum


As the above lines of verse make absolutely evident, the way through quarks and gluons is not easy. I had warned H.G. that using the Illuminated Quantum Maps from the temples of the In-between Isles would not work. Even Mycroft was doubtful of the venture, but you know H.G., adamant to the last iota.



In any case, an intriguing experiment. Once the ley lines were activated and the equations cancelled out the Tindalos effect, we just watched him use the pendulum. It only took twenty minutes for the maps to reconfigure, at which time the convergence manifested in the form of a rather large jade auroch . By the time we got the thing folded back in, it had wrecked the sitting room, smashed the windows, and dug up the garden. Mary was most displeased, and told H.G. that his claims of skills as a quantum cartographer were a lot of bull.



4 thoughts on “Illuminated Quantum Maps

    1. Thanks very much. It definitely fits into an alternative history with a quasi-Victorian element. Perhaps Quantum Steampunk. 😀

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