Bueraucratic Zen Wisdom

Regional infra structures to strengthen governance,

The hero is determined,

standard shift manager granulates.


Stream on the basis of the matrix, to force,

when possible,

The company that operational ionization buds –

grow fillips quarks.



Male compatibility;

Cutout of the help characterizes us.

Go Adonic structure.


Dactyl responsibility sand accelerates the company.

Expectations goal edge,

business luminal rises.

Activate contract adynation.


Bureaucratic Zen Wisdom from The Book of Woo-who Zowie. These stanzas may illuminate inner self or be used to open the mind to future outcomes. If outcomes do not materialize, look for the smile you had  before your grandmother was born, then join in the laughter.

Sources Used: Nonsense paper written by iOS autocomplete

Corporate BS Generator

Glossary of Poetic Terms

Astrophysics and Cosmic Engine Glossary



11 thoughts on “Bueraucratic Zen Wisdom

    1. Thanks very much Bob. Our five storey tree became diseases and attracted the bird. We had the tree was taken down by Hydro because it was too close to power lines. I have started posting shots of the tree on Dark Pines Photo. More tree and bird photos will go up at that blog. 🙂

      BTW I have a Broken Folklore post, Glouyeinshire Tales , it riffs on the Forest of Dean. You may find it an amusing fantasy. 🙂

    1. Many thanks. the surreal shoes were originally posted on Dark Pines Photo. If you click the image it takes you to that post. 🙂

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