Bureaucratic Zen Wisdom


Support the 200% consolidation of the partner sigma-stems.

Co-innovation to nasalize value .

Level it –

enallage allergen

alliteration enjambment.




Expand guileless infrastructure first.

Strategic management is still a big white horse;

As spectral class champions strong Qr lines,

Stand ionized metal first.



There are different kinds of aid –

control the behaviour of high sleep-sleep.

Big curve, orbit tangents.

Intrinsic luminosity, deep mead.




Scry ivy well, line restructuring of the cistern.

The key market for low-piece is useful,

while those people will create the dark centre.

Acephaly cellophane snares

Harmonic Hemistiche Hamartia .



See previous post for sources/links and background information about

Bureaucratic Zen Wisdom from The Book of Woo-who Zowie……







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