Bureau-chaotic Zen Wisdom



Keep eyes closer –

reflection nebula management sighs –

walls listen.



Wood’s status, growing line rolls,

Oak branding aggressively deep.

Cunning plan is to have Noh plan,

for upper Heptameter smiles.



Relativity eyrie under I scheduler is for you.

The public keys have more lessening –

Play is semi-official –

speeding attention, effective wavelength.




Science workflows leads

a comprehensive architecture installation.

Create world resources development.

We are the result of I –

Spectroscopic parallax management.




The male white-collar process challenges concept drive.

Breakthrough strategy enables a high level .

Encouraging shouts, while creativity beckons

the ever-present goal –

hourly elegiac stellar atmosphere.



This sequence from  The Book of Woo-who Zowie begins  with the post,  Bueraucratic Zen Wisdom. See that post for sources and links.



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