Bureau-idiolect Zen Wisdom


Strengthen management of the infrastructure,

not the hero.

Standard setters rest,

the main paronyms aren’t granular braziers.



For the second time, thinking legitimate travel –

Once gathered, revise snow –

Such police, brown brown bacon status.



Restructuring laboratory –

Vineyard’s attention

Rolls stone’s gaze.

United Nitrogen Aposiopesis –



Development Contract

– rehearse rehearse –

Muse Tiramisu.squared-asyndention-disputes

Continuation of the Summit goal,

squared asyndention disputes –

the company is at stake.


On the other hand, we have to move the strategy, it will focus on the main line. Cardinals flew back and forth in the orange garden, tired of whorls, tossed theorems on the branches sent out to check the operation of the internal components.


Petra –  a powerful high given the project innovator.

Midnight kisses tears.

Raven feathers weep for tachyons.



Toss the flow based iteration matrix, the whole population was terrorized by this detestable society, which had no less than twelve centres in the emission spectra. It is important to force a possible consideration of musical science and system architecture.


Between – enlarged range expansion models –

examples of a favourable outcome.

Importance of strengthening

the United Northern gender diagram values –

Insight knife offers process .


This sequence from  The Book of Woo-who Zowie begins with the post,  Bueraucratic Zen Wisdom.

See that post for sources and links.





7 thoughts on “Bureau-idiolect Zen Wisdom

  1. I’m strangely finding myself in agreement with some of this, including the opening sentence and the one about system architecture! And I continue to be intrigued by your morphed images.

    I still find it astonishing — though I shouldn’t, being married to a psychologist — that the human mind perpetually tries to make sense out of apparently random patterns. Survival instinct, I suppose …

    1. While composing the text I had in mind those self-help gurus and motivational marketing/business performance artists. I tried to present these entrepreneurial bon mots as if they were translations of a quasi-mystical text.

      Together with the visual compositions, the effect is like a mash-up of Tarot and I Ching. The made seem like random Dadaist fragments, social commentary/satire, or some sort of synchronicitic key to the inner self/fate.

      Glad you enjoyed the ride so far. I seem to have a couple of more posts left in this series. 😀

      BTW If you click the image with the birds, it links to my fable of Crow-Magnon. 🙂

  2. My mind is boggled. I should have looked at this and the first one in the series in the a.m. when my brain is a little more rested. :-D. But I couldn’t resist. I was completely drawn in by the images. Totally captivating.

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