Bureau-bipatternistic Zen Wisdom

Fish flange floating ephemeral quadrangle –

Slipping solace past synecdoche –

Strengthens management of the inference structure.


Go-to-market sales –

targets drive-bye methodologies.

The entire goal –

Sleep frozen.



Technical guidance, which is a card with a dotted line,

gradually rights wayward alliteration.

Local leaders’ Evening Star,

who becomes frail and small herself,

must hold the door in a state of sleep.



Dadaist poem the newspaper.

Key people table our policies –

Tonight they are dark

Against the wind.



Oh aggressively block them – just as well,

if life fits a journey,

it is not known whether it was a given dream.


The plan is innovative and provision for using foundation, you lose.


If so, it is expected, if done on the next day, do not look back –

if you have a plan that has been lost, it is expected.



Provision for key-peer basis using aggressive,

Moreover, not innovative –

Nowhere trio-transition plains – see

Fluttering birds in branches

dancing towards a long journey.


Do not look behind the numbers.

Village darkest near targets with headwinds.

Lustre, namely whether it makes sense –

Sometimes the importance of counting shadows before feathers.

Links joust.


Innovative capacity –

the president in front of the fruit bowl.

Invest in projection quality –

Mush resources now.


They are mostly cells in the sweet side of the question, so I thought,……. many tourists caged.

Dada-da-dadaist stones rise up.

Have a dream to be a good family door.


2 thoughts on “Bureau-bipatternistic Zen Wisdom

  1. I liked the inclusion of images that just started to make real sense, just like the occasional phrase in your wise words, until we were tumbled back into a confusing maelstrom of colours, shapes and textures …

    1. Thanks very much. I skated on the edge of coherence – there are times when I instinctively started to shape the patterns into order by using repeating theme/imagery . I tried to contrast/ground the text with more natural realistic visual compositions. 🙂

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