Bureau-crock-it Zen Wisdom



All of the target can be traced back the suit.

Technical advice, gear transmission rated online –

Loquacious methodology of the card,

Bittersweet scent, a frozen dream of a ship.


You have to keep the door open in a dream state.

Certainly the thrower’s hours dance by –

Neodymium visions ,
Consul organization.


Gradually, deceived light alliteration rose.

Loop counts cells’ dark straw.

Strategy is sleep –
A private acatalectic time.




Luxury is cataleptic time.
Access to the forest and night hours,

since the mother-light rises up to aubade .

It will be appreciated. 



Tonight is the unfortunate dark act.

Brillon while sweeping the ice in the sand,

I like loaves and slove gloves.

The black cat is a cat with a sweet drink.



Oh blank subcutaneous subcutaneous,

here dwells afflatus, as well as the hard long skater –

theorem shuts the camber lid …………………… …….


If given a dream, past art of the journey, it is not known.



When wings weep for summer,

how the cold grey days laugh bitterly.

It has continued acephalous actants –

you can see it there,

on the right side of the mind map,

at the top of the selected agitprop page.





It is said that the cables are valid.
Co-innovation is our baroque conference mode.

First line – outside –

jurisdiction of local leaders with credibility:
Parents’ secret scans.


Father Decameter –
Most of the characters assert workflow –
Emergency cages, tears of metaphors.




Walking in the woods

the wandering words of poets,

no profit margin here.



What promises innovation forests offer,

Each brings global snow syncopation.




Foods that are known to have a life on the right side of the page at the top of the map, they will still see the selection of supply,…..

Trees grow tall,

leaves sing georgic gahazals.

Profits in furrows

bring the farmer’s wife no rest.



Bitter centre,

the principle of intimidation market ,

the next cloud wasted.

How to remember the love and still forget –

offer up the frozen dream of a pirate.


6 thoughts on “Bureau-crock-it Zen Wisdom

    1. Many thanks.

      I have been skating at the edge of coherence in this series of posts. Tripping over images and metaphors as I move text all over. The “Bueraucratic Zen Wisdom” series grew out of a number of sources , including an online Corporate BS Generator – very funny list. By the time I finished turning everything inside out with an online Dadaist poetry converter and Google Translator, I had more text than I first intended. 😀

      Here is the link to the first in the series; the post contains links to my sources.


      1. Haha, that sounds like a fascinating technique. I’ll go read the other posts and investigate these sources. I definitely like the sound of a Corporate BS generator.

    1. I decided to go with a more consistent pattern of development with the images. Some of the compositions are reused from my Dark Pines Photo blog, while others incorporate compositions used first used on that blog. 🙂

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