Bureau-crank-it Zen Wisdom



Open the link to the third screen,

control with life extension –
dashed line, winged vellum

technical advice to each –

other meanings merge with metaphors,

nonce words whisper jargon.




There is no organization in action.
Statistics estimate remote worldwide ban.
Hallways are a valuable first line of great allure….

steps taken in dark

lead to windows  lite by stars –

nights pass, dreaming days.



Now that you have created the world,
Port Oriental trees with the joystick.
Prospects for relative movement

of the door –

raindrops on a kitten’s nose

tickle like frosted spider webs –

diachronic feline fancies foreshadowing.



It is always sweet to remember,

Irony arms full – offers ideas.

Bell sings future dissonance –

enclosure of script after years of ease,

you have to kill the resolution.




Unfortunately, re-used utilitarianism,

we hear in the cat’s crying,

Strengthening of infra colour scripture embankment –

No ego is conveyed in thyme.

Perfume intimidation,

Authority – next cloud ride.


Clouds far from emerging family –

game changers adequately institutionalize markings –

experts find a way to put an end to breath.




The price of river sand abounds,

the load – a little palinode juice – a paradox.

Remote control person –

Please show your evening eyes,

Otters and dark windows.



A pair of metrics expected to continue –

just the game with the community.

Considering that malapropism

was not allowed in the room,

there was a deep desire

sitting by the window.


Longing children, develop a sense of time, ask well.

Night line lingers,

enables a selectivity across industry sectors……

creeping Synesthesia slices freeholder.



Accelerate the implementation of maternal valise –

Atmospheric meiosis is included.
It is a goat.


Grunion grunge support

for wide ranging compatibility –

notebooks accelerate faithful champions.


Home management is not high glass –

frequency resources

on the higher side,

feelings & rivers….


water runs over 

smooth stones with a rapid dance –

memory’s edges.



Complete training in production –

it is difficult to form character –

Green Lizard, an invisible ghazal galleon.


Baseline starting points –

swiftly transfer the game changer;

Communication is not dead now.


The purpose of the above –

refuse to peer with each other

based on the position of dog biscuits.


Carbonates channel with Big Cat curiosity.
This year, the bladder sky smiles down –

The enablers swiftly address our obstacles.
Stalker – fast forest cadence,
It urges dark cobwebs.

It is good for the inconvenience.
However, it is a family affair.



Note: There are a couple of haiku stanzas mixed in these free verse ( Dadaist/Imagist ) stanzas. This is, finally, the last post in the Bureaucratic Zen Wisdom from The Book of Woo-who Zowie. The series began  with Bueraucratic Zen Wisdom (link) .  Source links and an explanation for how this series came into being can be there ( I’m not sure anymore).


6 thoughts on “Bureau-crank-it Zen Wisdom

    1. Thanks so much for the support. This became a real exercise in wordplay and creating/selecting appropriate visual compositions. As you noted earlier, my mood combined with the tug between absurdist and imagist structure – and the posts have slightly different tones. 🙂

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