Trump Card – Le Diable



 The  Tarot deck contains

22 Trump cards( the Major Arcana  ).

Force Majeure

Le Diable has small hands, but a big tail.


Upright: Bondage, addiction, sexuality, materialism



Detachment, breaking free, power reclaimed –


Make America  Great Again!

Build a huge wall


Stop the Bad Hombres.

They’re sending –


Force Majeure

Lots of problems

 bringing those problems with us.

They’re bringing drugs.

They’re bringing crime.

They’re rapists.

 I assume,

 good people

know me too.


The Tarot card of El Diablo represents –

Hidden Forces –

– Negativity

that Constrain You –

That Trick











by external forces  –


Out of Your Control…….


Look at the Face of the Inner Force within each of US.

The Face of  Our:



Harmful impulses.

He is a master of deception and creates the illusion that you are involuntarily bound to him.


the figures in this house of cards

 free to remove

the chains from around their necks,

 they have freely given any power he has over them.

I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue & shoot people and I wouldn’t lose voters,”

A total and complete shutdown


“Must -be-Them”


the Homeland.

In its most general meanings, a symbol can not compel – it reveals a truth that is a reflection of hopes and fears that the reader projects on the world. Strands and threads of emotions and needs – look at the card again,….


…. it signifies Mammon, and thus big business, the conventions of society, the injustice and cruelty of a social order in which money takes the place of God, in which humanity is reduced to a cornered Beast ( where has Beauty fled), in which war is engineered by greed masquerading as patriotism, in which anxiety is dominant (take a Brexit and cleanse the system of foreign material) .


15 thoughts on “Trump Card – Le Diable

  1. Interesting poem and thoughts. Love Diablo having small hands! My favourite image is the first one. It has a lot of power in it. I hope that soon this man and his cronies will just be a bitter memory. I do hope that the disaffection of the people who followed him is addressed by the new government, if that is possible.

    1. I fear that Clinton, while the better choice, will not be able to address the core problems of dissatisfaction and social upheaval. The problem facing America derive from massive societal change brought on by technology and a shifting demographic makeup in the population.

      Those parts of the population that are being left out are correct in that their multiple levels of government have not addressed their problems. However, attacking another segment of the population will not correct the problem. There must be a fundamental shift in society and how it addresses the needs of its disadvantaged.

      We must all now wait for the American election results – the question will be the degree of volatility that follows.

    1. Thanks John. Originally I was going to look at the Tower – very apt symbol. When I came across the meaning/symbolism of Le Diable, I saw such a resonance with how things are playing out – it had to be card to use.

    1. It is very chilling – unbelievable that someone expressing such negative derogatory ideas & values could be such a successful candidate In an American presidential election.
      The whole thing has been absurdist theatre that went from social satire to social horror.

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