Keep Movin’ Along



Directions heard at the piazza . Keep movin’ along. Procedure is complete. The transition will be suspended between these buildings . Close to the side of the Munster Hermann Bank, you will see crowds jumping toward a number of swing slates. Ignore those pylons indicating you to go up the other street.


Note left on the nightstand in her room

jump from death,

snow is dyed red,

one of the clocks is a triad –

Remember me when you next hear the rough link footed wheel beating.


The Next Day after the Protest March

On the right, beside the Dorette-Kuppubuku, in the shade of that hill of beans, they looked down. It was a time full of sad happy memories of what was once plentiful in their optimistic youth. And not far from their willing desire for companionship and social unity, Lizhen Hopsinskrut withdrew, feverishly sprinting towards the bike track, like a ghost chased by the noonday sun.

“Oh, happy day! You closed it, without anyone being the wiser.”

“Did you hear him fall down the steps ?”

“No, how could I ? The dog was barking at those Flash Mob actors recreating scenes from Elmo Lincoln’s Tarzan movie.”

“It was the girl in the green coat that called 911.”

“Do you think she saw us ?”

“Not likely, besides we were all wearing masks and robes, just like every other person out for the merriment.”

“However, healing the long quick hands and short fingers of Mayer’s team will call attention to our activities.”

“That may be true, but remember this. Only Jochen Pielsteert and Daniels can call up the fire lines by Fritz Putt, what an inch worm.” 

That old pig of song – he can go for a straight leap between the shooting rapids with two very slow reviews.”

The agitated young woman kept looking at the faces of the other five. Trying to recall when only the laughter of their company could put her heart at ease. They had all paused a moment to watch the rowers move down the river, like graceful clouds seeking a distant horizon.

Well you know what to say when they ask. I mean, like at the most, two of the weapons offer the proper frame reference. And that is only if both of the trains were given exactly the same signal – turn right, one left, one right, left module at the cross line.”

And anyway, they know you are not able to carry the bird in that hat. By the way, which one was flying in the sky towards the right corner of the building ?”

The grey one, it was the swiftest of the three. I guess I stayed up there longer than I thought. When I came to myself, the shadows were already getting darker by the post office.”

You know when we all arrived, it looked just like that horse, Pudding Star. It was pulling the wagon, after the man from Graender’s Coot.”


Presentation Note # 1: Please notice the two views on the side of the gun. The scratched words, “Of this fog we know the way. If you go with it, please just say that the horse is still riding.”


Received Text Messages After the Third Day:

Shadow to the right, go to the corner!

Laughing in a graveyard is bad form.

There is no other choice! Green tea tallow, two steps down in Eben.

Tribe is a rifle, often seen riding in the park. Usual place at the post office. Watch the birds.



Memories of childhood reconstructed

Each player tried to collect the bunny family. But malicious Max always interrupted the fun amongst them! The game was seldom completed. They were also close to Mün Hermann, who showed them how to go jumping to the number of the songs. Not all memories were happy though, the snow stained red after Frank’s beating was never forgotten.

When Knoles Drawfink took a ride on the foot-wheeler, Drette Kupbuku was on there right next to him, laughing like a sparkler at twilight. Lizhen Hopsinskrut, not far from her wiles, flew away with a broken heart full of lost tomorrows .

Oh those happy days ! Mystery, excitement, ….. and so many possibilities. Was there really a ghost in the lane riding a bicycle ?  It looked like a horse’s pudding according to old man Endercote .

Jochen Pielsteert, with the fast hands and short fingers, said he saw a photograph of the ghost in The Fog Book. Meyer Fitzpatrick said everyone saw something different when they looked at it.


Twilight falls down now,

You only twice, past and present –

Memories beckon.


2 thoughts on “Keep Movin’ Along

    1. Thanks very much.
      Once again I am exploring fragmented narrative and memory. I was attempting to disentangle myself from the American election outcome. It did not completely work since the news of the post election protests were in my thoughts.

      The ambiguity of the piece lets the reader interpret it according to personal context. Looking back at the finished product, I guess it is about the trauma of the election. Perhaps an alternative reality where political protests takes a different form.

      Once again, thanks for dropping by and taking time to comment. 🙂

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