Mixed Mass Media: Consuming Content


Following up on my previous post, I have revisited early compositions posted on this blog and  recombined with other images.  A basic principle of Mass Media is that as new forms of media arise they will take the content of previous media and make it their own. The Medieval Mystery plays took the content of the Bible and folklore to generate a new experience for their audience. Shakespeare drew from many sources to compose his plays. As Mass media technology progresses, it becomes capable of consuming other forms of media and turning it into content.  Illustrations become the content of books and newspapers.  Eventually photographs follow this pattern and are turned into content other forms of print.  The collage and photo collage is another example of this principle, whether it is done hands on or by way of digital manipulation.

Each one of these images, in this someway, feeds on another in the sequence – creating a mix of mass media visual metamorphosis.








An interesting musical interpretation of the mass media principle can be found i the work of Postmodern Jukebox .   Taking contemporary hits and  then doing musical arrangements  based on different eras of pop music , creates a cross media content and form. It alters/modifies the message of music and lyrics by placing both within the context of a different  time period and culture.





Another interesting development of the media principle is the process of glitch art.   One means of creating glitch art is to open an  image file in audio editing software.  After editing the file, it will be reopened as a image file. The digital information (message)  that comprises the image  has been treated as audio information and reinterpreted . One could also play the image file as an audio file; you hear the image. 

If anyone, has any experience using these methods, pass on links and provide some background on your use of the process. I have managed to open an image file as an audio file, but have not satisfactorily returned it to an image file





9 thoughts on “Mixed Mass Media: Consuming Content

    1. The link in the post will take you to the WikiP post that describes all the different types of glitch art. If you check the WordPress Reader Tags glitch art and glitchart you will find bloggers posting in the category. Most of the examples are animated GIF images.
      Post Modern Jukebox uses a variety of singers, Aubrey Logan has an album on the way.

      Thanks for dropping by & commenting. 🙂

      If I ever get it to work , I’ll try some glitch art and post results. Was the recent American election a form of glitch art ?. 😀

      1. Ha! Maybe that explains what happened –
        And thanks for the info on the tag – I only recently learned how to look via tag and it is a great way to see themes.
        Have s great day

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post.
      “Electoral Collage vote is a GLITCH” – excellent. 😀

      There is s push in Canada for an updating of our voting procedure to a Rep by Pop that would be similar to New Zealand. Some are critical because it will produce more minority governments ( they really mean I can not form a government the way Harper & his conservatives did with less than the popular vote). In reality, some of the best policy & legislation in Canada came out of the compromises created by a minority government.

    1. Thanks Derrick. I found that many cultural trends and the developments in literature can be better understood when you take into consideration the principles of Mass Media.

      Students are often wondering why Shakespeare chose to write plays (especially in verse). If you consider that there is a drive to reach the largest mass audience possible, then it becomes obvious that theatre will be the most effective medium at the time. Publishing books was its infancy and only a very small part of the population could read, still a smaller group could afford books. Everyone could go see a play, the Elizabethan equivalent of television.

      In order for the troupe to have a repertoire of plays that could easily be performed, plays that used verse were could be more easily memorized. The iambic pentameter was closest to natural speech which was an advantage to performance and most easily understood by the widest range in the the audience.

      Here is a link to the basic seven Mass Media Principles –


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