The Pompadour Progression













This sequence of compositions derives from two compositions that were posted some time ago on this blog.  The first image is based on a close-up shot of needle-work done by my mother many years ago. The last image is based on a self portrait shot.  I decided to play with a transformation sequence that moves first to last image. Once again, there is a turning one piece of media into the content of another.  The length of this chain extends back further than the digital sequence, when one considers that the needle-work piece itself is based on an earlier painting of Madame de Pompadour.  Not sure what my mother would have thought of this sequence, she was not overly fond of abstract art or ambiguous text. 

On the glitch art ( mentioned in last post ) front, I have had some very minor success generating a couple of images. Will post results once (if) I have a bit more success. 


images break down

reform uncertain faces –

whose eyes look back now…..


2 thoughts on “The Pompadour Progression

    1. Excellent interpretation. 🙂

      The self portrait was on an odd angle. My fuzzy chin was in the foreground and the blades of the ceiling fan were above me. The dark blue area is where my eyes would be.

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