18th November 2016, London – Allegory

This is part of the incredible visual conversation between two bloggers,  Ashley Scarlett  ( Sydney Australia ) and Richard Guest ( London England ). Using  the implied space of photography and a blog, they have created a new Mass Media form to explore meaning, communication and culture.

Source: 18th November 2016, London | Between Scarlett & Guest


My response to the above imagea short allegorical faerie tale composed in the form of a haibun.


I talked about ancient ones to an old man at the end of his pain.

Not only the young people in an anxious dance is what I perceive here; I will gather up the tea of sorrow and read the leaves.

The thin grey dragon of fear slinked through the poisoned air, as the Great Orange Mouth proclaimed the huge Wall of Ignorance and Shame –

torn despair hangs high

above freedom, littering –

broken hearts and minds.


7 thoughts on “18th November 2016, London – Allegory

    1. Most welcome. 🙂

      I wish more people would use social media platforms to explore creative content and develop new form of expression. Too many either just pass on stereotypical material or simply view digital text as just the same as printed text. So many possibilities out there.

      BTW I recently had some small success with glitch art and will feature a bit of it in the next post. I will include a how to do in the post. Perhaps it is more of a how not to do it. 😀

    1. The creative joy is very evident in the conversation. It is a wonderful example of how to use social media in a creative positive manner. 🙂

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