I have been memorizing that I am sleeping

I have been memorizing that I am sleeping.


Night Book carries dreamers,

Approaching the text, capture visions.



Chin Vogue Tea is responsible –

Come up the conversion stairs !


This is the key to one of the answers –

Waves tumble upward, like twisted steps.

Cheat the wind, whale son sings !


I am sleeping now,

a pillow of consciousness,

softly dreams take hold.


Blasé attache –

Just chicken.

Again, it was canned food.




Memory wakes up,

skipping down the cobbled street

child like certainty,………


Children of shadows are the delivery glass;

Listen to what they say.



You can form the happiest state,

First of all, enter the heart of the sky,

Clouds kissed by waves show the way.


The mist on my face,

those clinging thoughts wash away,

morning dew becomes frost.


Night Book carries dreamers,

Translate the beginning of the expansion.




What is contagious ?

Overall, many lights and the pierced forest –

So many twists in the branches,

This is a revival Aerie.


If you are using thoughts,

send them to a happier sea !




Seagulls seek the shoreline,

Look forward to the tears of confidence

in conjunction

with energy and vision.

Paean hands give the keys to the air.



Approach the text as corners capture visions –

taste the words as they pour down your throat,

explosion is the baby of invention !


On frosted leaves, white words

written out with graceful hand

remind how years pass.


Crying glass, courage to achieve –

Scrying glass can be dared.



I have been memorizing that I am sleeping –

Nightstand cup full of Chin Vogue Tea,

I sleep on matte flakes.




Note: Not everyone  can remember their dreams. One method of recall is to use a dream journal, preferably on the night table next to them.  Interestingly this technique can also lead to lucid dreaming, becoming aware of your self during the dreaming state.  Often writing down and repeating an affirmative statement, such as I am sleeping/dreaming, will act as a trigger in the dream state.  This leads to a quandary, in terms of memory and awareness.  We reconstruct our memories, recalling them in the shifting context of the passage of time.  Memories and dreams are not that different, in that there is an interplay between the conscious  and unconscious mind.  Our memories make us who we are, but those memories are like our dreams, re-configuring into new narratives and meaning.  You can not step into the same memory twice, or the same self. 

********** Mixed in with the free verse stanzas are some haiku stanzas.  Part of the text in the visual compositions is asemic writing, a wordless open semantic form of writing. The word asemic means “having no specific semantic content”. With the non-specificity of asemic writing there comes a vacuum of meaning which is left for the reader to fill in and interpret. There is also a line of Klingon text, which if correctly transcribed, will refer to sleep/dreams. Chin Vogue Tea can be purchased at your Local Dream Emporium.


5 thoughts on “I have been memorizing that I am sleeping

  1. Wonderful illustrations, I particularly liked the earlier ones which reminded me of illuminated manuscripts. And your afterword was especially enlightening. Thank you.

    1. Many thanks. As I try different techniques to produce asemic writing, I find myself drifting into fantasy mode. My next has a very old manuscript/ ancient scroll feel to it. The accompanying text is ambiguous fantasy, broken folklore feel. 🙂

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