Notations on Antique Paper Mystery Map16


Notations on Antique Paper Mystery Map16

See full online  data by clicking HEAR.


Cleave tosh tesh na wave rood –

Glean tesh raah na sky tang dolh .


Mesh raah na star tang yoahl –

Make maah tesh na raah tang dolh West Niegt.


Fahl tosh raah feather rood na –

Tang tesh hoal’g door na fang yawl.


Commentary Notes:


We walk to the West

seeking answers, unasked for

frost fills our footsteps.



Hills sweep away tears

with long sunsets, early dawn –

how can we make haste ?



Paper flowers wilt

with long reading, brittle light –

wind scrapes dry vellum.



Tomorrow’s words wend

over new tongues, old sounds fade –

were they ever here ?


Refer to Codex Twelve for co-ordinates.



6 thoughts on “Notations on Antique Paper Mystery Map16

    1. Thanks very much. I was hoping to convey a timeless quality – this could represent a future artifact or an alternative history of a distant past.

      Interesting side note – after posting I ran the text through Google translate. Some of the lines came out as partial phrases in different languages. Fortunately, nothing rude. 😀

      1. I’m using this to explore the nature of meaning and communication. It is not as political as the Situationalists. I’ve been trying to avoid political context lately – the present conditions in America and Europe/UK are making it hard to do. Then again public political discourse as become rancorous asemic polemic, so perhaps there is some unconscious commentary going on.

        I could just try posting flower photos – people like those, but the images would then be interpreted as an ironic expression of 60s Flower Power in the face of the rise of 21st century Fascism and race/culture hate.

        Perhaps I will just become a Harpo Marxist. I will wear a Time Lord Overcoat with pockets bigger on the inside than the outside, make children laugh and smile at young women. Room service, send up a bigger room. 😀

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