Old Paper Asemic: Transcription of Radio Telescopes in Unknown Countries




The desert wind writes star charts on parched sand. Triangulations transfer particles’s particulars past the event horizon. Most likely to succeed in an unknown country, where memory has not been constructed on social media. Only bird songs at midnight and mid-day can be heard on this frequency. Please shut the door when you go.



The desert wind writes elegies in star dust.  Capture images along the democratic political social spectrum. Cluster particles at gravity well, where consciousness descends into awakening reality levels. Increase frequency range beyond Polaroid transfer parchment parameters.  Tears gather in terrarium triangulation field. Please accept our apologies for reality leaks, and watch carefully to avoid paradox puddles.  Note that the cactuses are blooming as you move down the path.






The fibrous scarring of the psyche is the totality of the human mind captured in the immune response to cosmic rays. Tachyon trails are left by experience – see outer edge of spectrum for details. Do not go gentle into the night-bird song, it is all that it sings, when crossing the bar. Break down full range of ego in a cosmological constant – allow for Dark Matter and transfer of Dark Energy.  Step on a quark, skip a moment in time perception. Please use the escalators, the elevators are being repaired.





In early radio telescopes, we had to tune into single, specific frequencies to watch for signs of molecules. Modern radio telescopes observe a large number of frequencies all at once, with computers dividing the frequency band into as many as several thousand separate channels that may range over tens to hundreds of megahertz. This innovation has changed radio telescopes from black and white cameras to full colour. (NRO Source Link)


11 thoughts on “Old Paper Asemic: Transcription of Radio Telescopes in Unknown Countries

  1. I like the quirky writing and the intricate designs. This would make a good digital image challenge for those of us bored with the usual round of mundane suggestions.

    1. Be my guest. I love to see what others would do with the concept. 🙂

      I have been delving into asemic writing and related poetic & prose work now that I found Asymptote http://www.asymptotejournal.com . Together with The Verb on BBC 3 radio, It has given me lots of ideas about form and the line between meaning and media deconstruction.

      My greatest challenge is creating actual asemic writing digitally, as opposed to deconstructing and re-forming scanned/photographed text. I guess I need a new-fangled digital device that lets me write directly. 😀

      1. Yes, I just might. I’ve been looking at asemic writing for a while now. I found a Facebook group posting images regularly but it seems to have dropped off my newsfeed. I can see the problem with creating it digitally on a computer. A tablet leads itself to that kind imagery. I guess that’s what you mean by a new- fangled device. Maybe you could add it to your Christmas list in the hopes Santa is listening. I absolutely love mine. It has opened up so many creative possibilities.
        I’ll take some time this evening to see if I can use it to create some asemic writing. Thanks for the inspiration.

      2. There are some other bloggers posting asemic work on WordPress, but they don’t take comments/likes.

        My wife got me a first generation iPad for Christmas and it proved to be a disaster. Not only could I not get any of their apps to load , the school board network would not accept Apple device – so much for Media literacy teacher using most effective technology.
        By the time I retired the network was accepting all sorts of devices for “educational” uses. It was cheaper and more efficient to expand wireless service than try to maintain dedicated computers (rooms) in the schools.
        Education systems have dysfunctional personality disorder – on the one hand they are pushing the horizon on learning and innovation, while on the other they suffer from bureaucratic & financial entropy .

      3. I’m in Oz and also retired. My daughter is currently battling the Australian school system on a couple of issues
        1) the local Special School and the way they treat autistic kids
        2) the local high school on gender issues.
        I think she’s getting support at the high school but not the special school. Interestingly the Education Dept supports her thoughts on the educating autistic kids. The school is behind the times.

        On the question of devices – I have a Samsung tablet that I bought a couple of years ago. There are lots of free apps and they are easy to download.

      4. I forgot to comment on your point about asemic writing blogs. Strange they don’t take comments – maybe they only speak asemically 🙂

    1. Thanks very much Richard. The hyper-tiling effect that I make use of can be fine tuned, but it is still a bit of surprise in terms of outcome.
      In the creative process, I attempt to use controlled randomness, but much of the time it seems more like random control. 😀

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