Asemic Wall




For a number of years, I have been creating a variety of textures that emulate metal & glass. These were created using shots of different surfaces, rusted bins and worn oven pans among them. Using effects from Redfield Plugins, I have been able to create some intriguing surfaces and abstract patterns. While going through my collection, l realized that some of Strange Metal & Strange Glass series could be viewed as Asemic Writing. Some of these resemble cuneiform or hieroglyphs . This post presents some of those  compositions, with some further intentional transformations and additions.





9 thoughts on “Asemic Wall

  1. I do particularly like these, perhaps because you’ve retained the texture and surface sheen, or because a rectangular format suits the material. Or simply because there is a magic in cryptic inscriptions!

    1. Many thanks. Glad you liked the surface quality, I was pleased with the result. It seems to me, to fall somewhere between metal and some exotic form of volcanic glass. 🙂

      The more I thought about the inscriptions, the more I wondered, were they intended to be read visually or felt like braille. perhaps it was a combination of touch and seeing colours not detected by the human eye. 😀

      1. Volcanic glass, yes, I see that. And the inscriptions, they’re a bit like those repoussé effects you see on old artefacts like the Gundestrup cauldron or on those metal strips (Dyno- something?) you could emboss lettering on in the 70s and 80s. Indeed, very like braille.

    1. Many thanks. When your consider it, the x-ray is a kind of inscription of the body, that can be read by those trained in the language. 🙂

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