Antique Aged Asemic Memory-Text


Scans and photos of an old Secondary School English Literature textbook, yellowed mystery novels and boy’s western adventure books were all used to create these compositions.  The lines layered, twisted, reversed and broken into words and letters. Fragments of  illustrations become combined with text to create new context and new visual forms.  The recombined context reveals and hides meaning that creates new forms of relevance.




Meaning and memory are linked

to a constructed reality.

We build it up in layers,

submerging lines of text,

compartmentalizing words

into letters,

letters into dots,

dots into pixels of meaning,

context hanging in the spaces between

the meaning constructed out of memories

that fade,

age & reform .




When the letters are reduced to pixels has the meaning been lost, or has it continued – becoming a quantum  level of intention, context, and coherence ?

Does the large distorted text create spaces, which become their own glyphs & sigils ? 





2 thoughts on “Antique Aged Asemic Memory-Text

    1. That’s a good one Ashley. I had not thought of that – nor seen any reference to it. Most “real” artists working with asemic text are hands on traditional artists. Either working in collage, paint, print reproduction or other mixed media.

      We almost need a new category to identify layered graffiti. Perhaps unintentional collaborative asemic text – a kind of found art. The graffiti artists/ taggers/writers are producing competing messages that over time become an asemic composition ( sort of like Trump style campaigning & twitter diplomacy ). So it becomes found art ( unlike any Trump production) to be discovered by a photographer with an artistic eye . 🙂

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