Christmas Wishes & Dreams 2016





Well that was  a bit different .  I came across use of the The Polamatic app while exploring posts from fellow photography bloggers.  I decided to see if I could emulate the whole look that the app creates. The Christmas Brick was done in this manner. To see some more examples and find out more about the process – also learn how it all relates to the  7th principle of Mass Media ( Also Tony Bennett ), check out my post on Dark Pines Media , click link.  

 I did not come up with second image, I found the meme shot, and modified it so that it emulates a Polaroid Transfer. The Christmas Brick and the Nightmare together, make a fitting 2016 holiday card to go with Christmas Cheer from Puddles the Sad Clown with the Golden  Voice. It can all be found in any mailbox somewhere in the implied space and twilight zone that 2016 has become. 

A return to a more typical (?) Implied Spaces post next time (perhaps ?).


10 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes & Dreams 2016

  1. I like your down to Earth reality Christmas cards. Hoping for a little unreality in reality, in the form of a Christmas miracle:) Anyway, hoping that you and yours enjoy a healthy New Year.

    1. Only thing scarier is some of the stuff that passes for fruit cake these days – makes the Christmas brick like a bake-off winner. 😀

      My mom was a wonderful cook & baker . Her Christmas cakes and treats were fantastic. The times have changed.

    1. Many thanks. I did this the long way around without the app. The easy part are the modifications to create the saturation aesthetic. The tricky part was the frame. I wasn’t till I got past # 10 that it started fitting properly without too much tweaking. 😀

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