Asemic Rectangles: The Message as It has Been Sent








5 thoughts on “Asemic Rectangles: The Message as It has Been Sent

    1. That was what I was initially going for. 🙂 While I was contemplating whether to include asemic writing in any of the compositions, it struck me that one could interpret the rectangles themselves as a form of text. Size and colour conveying some secret information, now lost in the transmission. Perhaps it should be called Schrodinger text, the message is both in and not in the boxes. 😀

    1. Yes, it is a matter of scale. If you think of these as smaller sized note pages/sheets, then the patterns resemble coloured cuneiform box/wedge, boxed lines, or semaphore flags. 🙂

      1. all kinds of rectangular script possibilities! I recently saw an exhibit that included some of David Blackwood’s painting of the semaphore alphabet letters, very nice

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