Asemic Headlines: The New Truth is a Lie









8 thoughts on “Asemic Headlines: The New Truth is a Lie

      1. If we use inform to mean “to give or impart knowledge of a fact or circumstance” & “to supply (oneself) with knowledge of a matter or subject”, then information must be dealing with truth.

        Your observation points to how people are treating a wide set of statements as true/ factual, rather than unsubstantiated beliefs/opinions. They spread these statements , labelling them explicitly or implicitly as information. The statements are not facts, therefore not true. The information is false.

        We are drifting into a social media culture where information will now broadly mean all statements, whether they be factual or false. Meaning is degraded, critical thinking is not applied, and information starts to become asemic.

    1. I think we have moved into a unique period for Western democratic cultures and related Mass Media. There was a brief period where the constructed realities were presented by number of News Media outlets . One could pull together facts and see where the values, beliefs, and ideologies were organizing/omitting facts to shape a perception of the truth.

      We have rapidly moved into a Twitter/Facebook transmission of statements of beliefs/opinions and outright lies . It is one thing to parse the biases of professional journalism and government statements, where factual information is available, it is another when Social Media streams are treated as accurate news sources. In effect digital versions of water cooler talk and telephone-whispers become credible accounts of events.

      Affordable Care Act was relabelled Obamacare and a large number of voters thought that they were two different things. Only in the current social media age could such a successful form of disinformation play out.

      We have gone from factual to fractal – asemic information. 🙂

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