World without Death – Be Careful



Be careful, it’s my heart,
It’s not my watch you’re holding, it’s my heart.
It’s not the note that I sent you that you quickly burn,
It’s not the book I lent you that you never return.
Remember, it’s my heart,
The heart with which so willingly I part
It’s yours to take, to keep or break, but please, before you start,
Be careful, remember it’s my heart.

Be Careful It’s My Heart 1942
composed by Irving Berlin


12 thoughts on “World without Death – Be Careful

    1. If you look at the enlargement, you will make out that I over-layed part of the pulp cover on an illustration of the prince wakening Sleeping Beauty. The Big Brain Guy in the pulp cover is holding a mechanical heart above a unconscious/dead woman.

      So there is a mixed metaphor/symbolism about love and awakening/resurrection.

      In terms of the other topic of immortality, we are entering a different societal cusp, thanks to medical technology. We are reaching an ethical dilemma because we are increasing our ability to prolong life, but not necessarily increase the quality of life. To correct for this, we must create flexible laws that allow individuals to choose/have options about the choice to die. The laws have to be flexible enough to accommodate continual changes in medical advances.

      The real crunch will come when we achieve some form of post singularity, when we extend self beyond bodily limits, through multiple states. See Walter Jon Williams’ science fiction novel, Implied Spaces ( More about novel on my about page).

      1. Your describe your work and the symbolism with such eloquence unfortunately a large portion of your art is lost on me because of my poor eyesight and the size of my screen. Still I love the text and explanations that accompany your pieces and when couples with your musical selections; the post become exquisite. As you said, as the ability to extend our lives increases our society really does need to become more flexible. I’m going to try to call this post up on my big screen TV my partner will let me know if we can or can’t as he is the Techno part of this duo. If I can get the pieces big enough for my poor old eyes; I will reread the explanations of the symbolism rethink love and awakening/resurrection.

        Thanx for the response, it is like a mini art course from the artist’s point of view. It is just too bad that in my case you are teaching the unteachable and the uninformed.

        Still I just love the LOOK of your work even if the intricacy is lost on this member of the GU. ~~dru~~

      2. Glad you enjoy the background. I am always uncertain on what is the best size and resolution for the images. The fact that many are now using digital devices that have screen sizes and resolutions much smaller than the computer screen that I work on also creates a problem.
        Take care & thanks for supporting the blog. It is much appreciated.

        BTW My Dark Pines Photo blog has more emphasis on regular photography. 🙂

    1. It would depend on how capable we would be to change, and in what forms. Also, what the quality of that existence would be like.

      We would have to change our way of defining social roles and personal purpose. An empty short life is no better than an empty long life.

      See my comment above for more indepth response. 🙂

  1. i’m wondering a lot about death…as i witness my father’s journey…and what i’m learning as he moves into another plane…i don’t know…i think it is so much more than i know…thoughtful post and thread thanks elmediat ~ smiles hedy

    1. Sometimes it seems our struggle is not with death, but that period before, where living turns into dying . That movement from struggling to live to accepting/letting go . Some have a certain ease of transition, while others are locked in physical/emotional suffering & deterioration.

      Like everything else, society keeps wanting to apply a one size fits all – nothing so unfair as the treating of unequals equally. All stages of life run their courses on uneven playing fields.

      1. Oh I’ve witnessed much 😞 and you write this beautifully as I learn more from my father and working with a death midwife…I’ve been a strong agent for my father as his was a medical error…from him I’m praying for peace as I respect his journey albeit it sad…uneven playing fields…thank you kindly for your words ~ Hedy ☺🤓

      2. Take care of yourself as well as those close to your heart. It is easy to get caught up in their needs, and lose sight of your own. Breaking one’s own physical/emotional health will not help others. 🙂

      3. Wise words…yes I’m fatigued…and you are right…speaking with wisdom…thanks kindly…I do my daily yoga and my camera work that’s feeds me…but the back and forthing of 3 hours is tiring…the chapter will change…appreciate your words…thank you for your teachings ☺

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