The Year Winter was Hard



That year the winter was hard, this year’s winter mild by comparison, but I am older now. The snow outside does not look so soft.


Formation – snow forms when water vapour or super-cooled water droplets in a cloud freeze on minute particles in the atmosphere (called condensation nuclei), creating ice crystals. As the ice crystals are swept through the cloud, water vapour freezes (sublimates) on them, creating snow crystals. Depending on the temperature and moisture conditions, the snow crystals continue to grow from one or more of 3 mechanisms: sublimation to form larger snow crystals, riming (the direct freezing of super cooled water) to form rimed snow crystals, or collision with other snow crystals to form snowflakes. Because of these different growth mechanisms, snow can actually consist of 3 elements: snow crystals, rimed snow crystals and snowflakes, as well as fragments of any of these.

Snow – Canadian Encyclopedia

words grow in the snow –

some rimed in the memory,

collided, stuck, cold.



6 thoughts on “The Year Winter was Hard

  1. Snow means different touches in different countries on this earth, some have never met, some haven’t known anything different from snowy days… But snow one of interesting and beautiful event on this earth… covering by white blanket… In my city we are right now under snow but not as yours of course. As they say that, pole is getting melted and the climate, the cold weather goes down and makes us cold… something like that. Anyway, beautiful art post dear Joseph, especially your words hit. Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

    1. Most welcome Nia. I saw your pictures of Istanbul . Recent news reports show Europe getting hit hard.

      Winters, along with the other seasons are becoming less predictable. In the next couple of days it is predicted that our local weather will have some extremely cold nights (possible to get down to -30 C) and then jump up by Tuesday and snow could be mixed with rain. Difficult to prepare and adjust.

      Take care & stay well – creative. 🙂

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