Like Autumn in Baj’Haii



The City of Baj’Haii in the early days of warm seductive Autumn – The three moons hung palely in the early morning sky. It was the start of a crazed week for Geo-Grange Safaris, private investigator to the Hash Tag Celebrities . On Monday a friend’s dog was killed by a hit and run driver. Tuesday the body vanished from the Vet’s – and on Wednesday so did the Vet. There are questions. Thursday there are death threats, and a new pet. Friday arrived and the Mojo Cinema Cafe was fire bombed by the missing Vet, who then conveniently dropped dead from being drowned. Things were starting to get complicated – nothing quite like a warm seductive Autumn in the City of Baj’Haii.




After a quiet weekend, Geo-Grange Safaris, private investigator to the Hash Tag Celebrities, received a postcard from the deceased Vet – who he had never met. The front pictured The Doppelgänger’s Epistrophy, great jazz, decent food & drinks – the note on the back directed him to see a distinguished professor of ancient history. It was the same professor who had been shot dead, along with the watchmaker whose death stopped all the city clocks at 11:01 a.m. that Monday . Now there was a clue.


Geo-Grange made his way along the Great Canal that meandered through Baj’Haii. He turned down Green Moon’ Veil, the shortest walk to The Doppelgänger’s Epistrophy, great jazz, decent food & drinks. Back in the old days, before the Big Glitch, a brilliant young concert violinist had disappeared after an impromptu performance at the jazz spot. Her husband, a performance artist and member of The Orange Chutney Moon RE-sistance ( dance, mime & temporal displacement music ), also disappeared. Funny thing, those disappearances were never solved. Still funnier, her uncle was the now dead distinguished professor of ancient history. Outright howler – drowned terrorist veterinarian was the husband’s cousin. If any of them were related to Colonel Mustard, Geo-Grange was going to take a much needed vacation.



Jazz fiddle vibes danced out of the doors of the The Doppelgänger’s Epistrophy to greet him . He was hungry, at least they had decent food & drinks to go with the great jazz.



10 thoughts on “Like Autumn in Baj’Haii

  1. Loved this, if only to wallow in the words and the atmosphere without worrying too much about the sense. The Doppelgänger’s Epistrophy? Epic. Hash Tag Celebrities? Too close to life. The Orange Chutney Moon RE-sistance? They must exist in some alternative universe.

  2. Many thanks. I found an intriguing blurb ( a paragraph) about a recent European noir mystery novel. I deconstructed it, maintaining the structure and a couple of lines and then rebuilt it as an opening to a Philip Dick style noir mystery. 😀

    Was listening ( pure chance) to Epistrophy while working on images and text.

    Online reference: “Epistrophy” is a jazz standard composed by Thelonious Monk and Kenny Clarke in 1941. The title “Epistrophy” is not a word in any dictionary. However, the word “epistrophe” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the repetition of a word or expression at the end of successive phrases, clauses, sentences, or verses especially for rhetorical or poetic effect.” It is therefore likely that Monk coined the word to mean the use of repeated sounds at the end of a musical line.

    The Orange Chutney Moon RE-sistance is an alternate universe version of the Orange Alternative (Polish: Pomarańczowa Alternatywa) . A Polish anti-communist underground movement which was started in Wrocław, a city in south-west Poland. Its main purpose was to offer a wider group of citizens an alternative way of opposition against the authoritarian regime by means of a peaceful protest that used absurd and nonsensical elements.

    I don’t know what the Big Glitch is/was. If I ever find out, I will post the it(?) , along with what happened to the dog and brilliant young concert violinist, her spouse & relatives. In the meantime, off to find some great jazz, decent food & drinks. 🙂

    Recently watched Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix – that may explain some of the chaos in the noir weave of this tale. 😀

    1. No, this is the starting point. I started working on the next part, but some unexpected turn of events really derailed me. Still processing everything. I have been trying to work things out concentrating , when I can, on some abstract pieces. Will be posting one shortly. Will eventually do a post on what happened, when I get all the words straight in my head – or just get my head straight ( insert sigh here ). 🙂

      1. A small mundane family loss of a four legged member of our home – set off an unexpected emotional domino effect. The current social/political climate, plus our actual weather seemed to add fuel to the the turmoil.

      2. Sorry to hear that Joseph. I can understand how that could happen. We are also dog lovers here. The recent changes in the world are very unsettling. My best wishes to you and your family.

  3. The origins of “The Orange Chutney Moon RE-sistance” being based on the name of a Polish resistance group is really interesting. Could the “The Orange Chutney Moon” also refer to the new president of the USA? Whether your intention or not it is, to my mind, very apt in the light of the resistance protests around the world in the last day or so.

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