Finding Possibilities in Signs & Windmills


Finding possibilities in signs and windmills, we see potential solutions to time and life – spinning answers that become undecipherable when we stare too closely.



Framed with antique  colours cracked by a multitude of minutes, stained by stampeding seconds that crinkle up the hours spent in composing a lifetime of experiences – we continue to experience events, sorting them into meaning, hoping for a satisfying conclusion to the chapter.



finding-possibilities-in-signs-2windmill wheel spins out

twirling lines, kinetic life

cuts through confusion.





Can we pull back the corners to reveal new pages taking shape, or will the cacophony of events stretch out past the bindings ?



11 thoughts on “Finding Possibilities in Signs & Windmills

    1. 🙂
      I had to check “plump for”. First time I heard that expression. Blogging widens one’s knowledge of the world in unexpected ways. 😀

  1. Very creatively visual description of the nature of time…”stained by stampeding seconds that crinkle up the hours”…Interesting post, Joseph. ❤

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