Lachrymose Political Leeks



Lachrymose Political Leeks

makes him tweet –

so sad.



things Fall A-Part;

The Sent’re can Knot hold;

so Very SAD !


The BEST ! The lack – All Conviction ?

WOW just Media Talk again – Look who is winning.

so very sad



Just posted this Asemic Message – how very true.


Messages really Huge –

The falcon gyre is great, but needs to bring down cost, the worst.



Watch this video by Yates & O. Bedlamb – full of passion, really hot.

Ireland is a beautiful country -great golf resort !


News Flake’s  Lachrymose tweets,

huge tears for counterfactual events –

Sad Cold Truths  accumulate like snow.





22 thoughts on “Lachrymose Political Leeks

    1. Many thanks. My Trumpian inspired posts don’t change anything, but if they make a few people feel a bit better with a smile, then at least I created something with a bit of a positive impact. 🙂

      1. Happy to lighten the mood.
        These are such difficult uncertain times. I thought our Harper-rightist government in Canada was unbelievable – the present American situation is Kafka meets Monty Python.

  1. Words and images both, have released quite a bit of tension, thanks Joseph. I’m reacting to things in my everyday life with more anxiety due to The 🍊and his gang. I’m reading blogs more and news less. So there is one thing positive The 🍊has done, at least.

    1. Most welcome. Robin Williams described Canada as “You are like a really nice apartment over a meth lab.”. It certainly seems like everything south of our border has become Crazy Town. The crazies are running it, and anyone who is sane is going nuts.

      Watched an interview of the editor of Time Magazine. They featured The Great Orange Disrupter on cover & in feature article. One of the things she pointed out was that a large number of Americans were feeling more stress & anxiety because of the political situation. Did not matter what their political leanings were.

      As a news/information junkie, it is hard for me to avoid. Even when I try to only look at non-political news, there is a whiff of Trump droppings messing the vicinity. I am not interested in sports – doesn’t matter if I was, even that has been infected. Ivanka’s hubby’s family looking to buy baseball team. Team owner wants to be an Ambassador – surprise surprise.

      1. God that makes me want to eff n blind like a dock worker! How are these people being allowed to get away with this in the USA?

        The infiltration of The 🍊into so much news, business and gossip reports is causing a lot of anxiety here too. You are right that it is extremely hard to avoid. I hate it.

      2. Rachel Maddow broke that bit of news. Immediately after she did so, the Kushner family stated – “Although the Kushners have made substantial progress in discussions for us to purchase the Marlins, recent reports suggest that Mr. Loria will soon be nominated by the President to be Ambassador to France. If that is true, we do not want this unrelated transaction to complicate that process and will not pursue it. The Kushners remain interested in purchasing a team and would love to buy the Marlins at another time.” They were offering around $1.6 billion. He wanted $1.7 billion – I guess if they threw in the ambassadorship there would have been a discount. Too bad for pesky news reporters connecting the dots.

        I started watching Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe news commentary when they are posted by MSNBC on YouTube. The factual reporting plays like Tragicomedy by way of Kafka & Monty Python. You laugh until you cry. 🙂

      3. God what a story and so much money! I’ve heard of Morning Joe but assumed it was just another lightweight breakfast tv show. I’ll check it out and also the other one. Thanks Joseph.

  2. Leeks are apolitical. they’ve also got most of them below ground. Satan minutiae. anyone have an Island nation i can govern? Oregon Rains. Slices of ballistics data tables and grocery items tumble around the vice in the washer. I see some cobwebs.

  3. Loving the sentiments behind the bleak humour, Joseph. One thing puzzles me: as someone who lives in Wales, where the national emblems are both daffodills and leeks, have I missed a subtle wordplay somewhere? I thought leeks were things that grew up out of the ground and leaks were what oozed out from a porous membrane? Please enlighten me!

    1. My mind tends to make lots of connections – tenuous, ambiguous, metaphorical and linguistically playful. With all the whining/crying by the Great Orange Distablizer about leeks, which were real, fake and even illegal, I thought of onions and leaks which make you cry. And the Orange-who-will-not-be-blamed has a problem with language ( complexity, vocabulary and spelling) the wordplay seemed appropriate. 🙂

  4. “Asemic” – I’m going to query that concept. “Asemic” tends to be used to mean “asemantic”, which is different. Nothing is truly “asemic” (i.e. without ‘seme’) because as humans we read (interpret) everything we see, thus everything is in some way a ‘seme’.

    I’m currently writing poetry in a way I don’t claim to be original (Lyn Hejinian and Susan Howe got there first, a few decades back), but where I de-privilege myself as the poet, abandon the lyric aspect, and dump creativity onto the lap of the reader. Because of that – well maybe not because of it, maybe more coincidentally – I’m finding your blog very interesting to surf through today. I may spend some time here. I may return. Whether I do or not, I know you’ll keep on doing what you’re doing.

    1. Many thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. It very much appreciated. 🙂

      Asemic writing as a visual art is concerned with turning text into pure visual pattern or the creation of patterns that imitate the codes and conventions of script/text without representing an actual language.

      For more background information on asemic writing and how & why I’ve become interested in this art form, see the following posts.
      Asemic Valentine’s Postcards

      There are some responses to other bloggers that cover some of the points you have raised.

      Also check this post where I provide details and resource links to Asemic visual art and poetry.

      Another related are that I have been exploring is Dadaist composition and deconstructed text. Like asemic writing, it fits into the overall concept of implied space.

      I hope this will be useful to your understanding of asemic writing/poetry, and that it may provide you with further areas of creative exploration. 🙂

      1. Yes, one o of the basic concepts about the process of reading is that the reader brings meaning/knowledge&context to the text. This allows the reader to interpret/decode the text. This concept can be more widely applied to other forms of Mass Media.

        Where things shift or hinge is on how effectively the intended message is conveyed. For example, if you are presented with a text in a language you have no familiarity with, then the only informed context for interpreting the message is that you recognize it is a a script. This assumes a recognition of written/printed text. If it is something like “Quipus, sometimes known as khipus ,or talking knots, Incan knot script”, you may not even recognize it as a script, and instead interpret it as some form of visual textile art.

        My daughter is a Downs person. One activity she enjoys is copying out text from books, sometimes from sub-titles on the screen ( yes she pause the video to write down the words very methodically). When doing this the letters can be at times squished together in continuous lines. On occasion the letters squish together very tightly, creating new forms.

        If you take time, and are familiar with the language, you can decode the original message. The generally impression is a block of letters that take a visual form as a whole piece. One can bring some personal meaning to the piece, but the original message becomes lost.

        A few of my daughter’s efforts were not copies, but just cursive lines ; the had the codes and conventions of the script to some degree, but were just lines. She may have intended them to carry some specific meaning, but whatever it was, only she would know.

        Both these instances are asemic writing, in that the codes and conventions of the script are presented in an eroded form. The intended message is degraded or totally lost. In this sense, it is asemic writing.

        Some visual artists will intentionally set out to create asemic writing, either by degrading actual text ( a kind of glitch art ) or they generate an imaginary script that represents no actual language. They are conveying a message about conveying messages.

        So, yes sememe and a seme (the smallest unit of meaning) may exist in asemic writing, but the whole page/visual composition may be the seme. Depending on the meaning-context that the audience/receiver brings to the visual composition, they may recognize the aesthetic qualities or see it as meaningless .

        I approach this first from my experience as a ( now retired) teacher ( English, Special Education & media Literacy ). How we communicate and fail to communicate has been a great fascination of mine. The implied space in which we find intended and unintended messages and the constructed realities of various Mass Media is something that I explore in a number of my posts.

        I found the following resource valuable in understanding asemic writing . 🙂

        Thanks again, for dropping by the blog and engaging in a conversation.

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