Rectangular Cacophony : Viewers & Text Lines


Rectangular Cacophony.

When confronting Rectangular Cacophony, 

It is best to use viewers for accurate context.






Rectangular Cacophony.

Rectangular Cacophony Viewers

 reveal spacial context –

provide parsing of text lines.




This is Rectangular Cacophony.



13 thoughts on “Rectangular Cacophony : Viewers & Text Lines

    1. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the compositions. 🙂

      I create these textured text pieces using photos and scans of pages from books, magazines/newspapers, various bits of junk-mail, a variety of texture surfaces, and my daughter’s writing.

    1. Thanks very much. 🙂

      I’ve considered printing some of my various compositions, I have done a few photos, the issue is resolution ans print size . My home printer can do up to small poster 17 by 11. The actual print size is much higher. The resolution, though high, is not a commercial standard.

    1. There is much truth in that statement. All art and Mass Media share certain aesthetic values & social goals, even though their codes and conventions differ.

      Story telling is linked to poetry and the rhythmic narratives easily blend with some form of music. From these, accompanying physical movement/action grows into theatre and dance. Visual art grows out of story telling and in attempt to capture individual moments of movement in a narrative. So in someway they spring up together, then as they become more complex in technique grow into individual forms, conveying specific messages to a variety of audiences.

    1. Thanks Richard. I am looking for new approaches for deconstructing both text and context to discover the implied space between the two. Also just playing around with the imaging software. 😀

    1. Hopefully not like the alternative reality thing the Americans got from the Moscow based Vote-a-foney back in November. 😀

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