Truthful Hyperbole: A Progression


Truthful Hyperbole

Leads to Calm Chaos,



Proclaiming a script that

Reveals  Clarifying Disorder.


In the end,  edges resemble facts

That have been ground up

In the Rumour Mill.

Only Cognitive Dissonance remains,

Echoing in the corners.



It is all for the Best –

Tears brush pages,

leaving sad comments

that stain the memory.


5 thoughts on “Truthful Hyperbole: A Progression

  1. I love this: a clear message, beautifully illuminated, on how the rumour mill not only distorts but scrambles more pristine communications. And those melancholic final reflections …

    1. Thanks very much for observations. 🙂 In this age of social media and how this medium is bleeding into traditional New Media, the rumour mill vs. factual documenting becomes a very serious societal issue.

      When setting out to create create the images, I started with the term Truthful Hyperbole. This is how Donald Trump describes (in The Art of the D/Steal ) his “innocent” technique of selling/convincing. Of course, Truthful Hyperbole means the same thing as Accurate Exaggeration . A paradoxical term that builds up to other paradoxical terms, that I supplied as titles to the visual compositions, a Clam Chaos and a Clarifying Disorder. To follow such logic results in Cognitive Dissonance.
      And so we all weep.

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