Asemic Winter : Tape & Discarded Notes





8 thoughts on “Asemic Winter : Tape & Discarded Notes

    1. Thanks very much. I was looking for an approach to sake up my use of textured text. Decided to go with some shots taken earlier today at the dog walk. Miserable weather, fine snow mixed with drizzle, and ice crystal bits – falling from a dull grey sky.

      The sky created negative space that I needed to balance out the denser textured text elements. Also tried to make it look more fragmented, collage scrap paper with edges. 🙂

      Some of the process of creating texture pieces is a kind of therapy, like drawing/colouring mandalas or knitting. then come a point where they look like a composition rather than something that will be part of a composition. 😀

      1. Strangely, your miserable day sounds like my perfect day!

        Your way of explaining what you did is very interesting. Also liked the effect working on the layers has on you. Ceramics and painting had/has the same effect for me.

        I’m looking forward to your next post, Joseph.

      2. I started working on some corroded metal surfaces, and it turned into a Wall with slogans in graph-scripts. 😀

        The wind did not help with the skin-precipitation contact. 😀

      3. I was thinking of some type of faux graffiti to put on digital reality wall. 😀

        Just posted On the Wall. The prose poem government proclamation with a Twitter Rant influence grew a bit longer than I anticipated. I added soothing Global Music to balance it out. 😀

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