On The Wall: Messages


Notice to  ALL REFUGEES Seeking a Life behind this Wall, which, by the way, is Huge & Very Popular – The Best,  only those Refugees, how then, who must of course have PRoPER LEGAL  Refugee Accreditation issued by their country of origin, will be allowed entrance.



You will be given Extreme Evaluation – Very Strict, Very Humane, Very Nicely Fair, like a Haiku – based on a World Wide Accepted Refugee Training Programs that our Department of Refugees has vastly improved in a Big League Way ( as seen on REAL NEWS MEDIA – KNOT FAKE NEWS) by our Security and Homeland  Refugee Agents, who are a great bunch, and very highly respected professionals ( I know I saw the brief reports ). If YOU succeed at a bigly level – You will be considered a Probable Refugee, and MAY be put on the LIST  for a  Possible Placement– while quantities LAST – in the Potential Allocation Arrangement – leaving you FREE to WAIT, while WE Seek ALL Positive Reassurances that YOU can go home, and are not just trying to gain illegal entrancement of this once-again GREAT COUNTRY. 



Only Illegal Refugees Protest.

Avoid gathering in groups

that are not Positive




Over Abundance of Onomatopoeia.


If you are an ILLEGAL REFUGEE – With-Out Papers – passing this WALL & Seeking a Life is an Illegal Criminal Activity – Very Bad, Dangerous to Deathly – Harsh Penalties & More Severe Legal Questioning will Follow, by way of ALL well documented procedures & processes recognized by very official judges, all very GOOD people who YOU can TRUST.




WARNING: Only the  SANCTIONED MESSAGES on this WALL are to be posted and read.  It is Illegal and Criminal to POST and READ messages not from the Office of Real Wall Messages and Malapropisms



Remember :  The Future Belongs Beyond this Wall. 


Wee are the Horizons of Freedom.


Only Enter by way

Of the Official EGRESS.

Remove all Metaphors and Similes.

All Other Entrances


For those of Criminal Intent –

Using them without papers

Will be Serious and Illegal

In Eyes of Government Agents

With Official SANCTIONS. 

Butterflies are Free.

Do not bring them across the WALL


You can not pay the Alliteration Tariff .


12 thoughts on “On The Wall: Messages

    1. Most welcome – I live way north of the wanna be wall, True North, Strong, Free and Full of Metaphors. Poetic licence is a right. We even have Subsidized Metaphors – no poet left behind. 😀

    1. Yes, and it is very therapeutic. I have come to the conclusion that America needs to apologize to the rest of the world. As part of saying sorry, it needs to provide the rest of us with free Relaxation Spa & Vacations , training in Meditation, Sensory Float Tanks, PTSD counselling( where required), and classes in any of the arts . This should continue until 3 yrs after they return sane government to their country – we are all going to need it. 😀

      1. We have the Trump rule, any mention of Trump and click off goes the cbc radio.
        Some days we still stay informed but many days it’s just too much Trump on the media

      2. It seems like there are never days without him, staffers, plus his children running the Business. Everything has a Trump context now, from music to tourism. 😀 😦

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