Mail from the Borderlands: Postcards of Sunrise & Tears

postcard1-asemicCultural Intuition – Convicted Civility

Beyond Cultural Intelligence


Innocence / Re-tolerance –


we want

Our Students of the Heart

to develop cultural sensitivity.



Community of Silence

hovers on the horizon –

People with Empathy

reveal different cultures


mistake Weasel Bears


Truth Tellers –





Beyond Cultural Intelligence,

Bitter Sweet Love

Made very painful,



An idea is,

sometimes with indole,



The pilgrim story writer (að þróa mikilvægt að ).


        Indolently, on the dole,

ID Them and not Me.

( echoes grow ironic roots)

Torrid Taiga brings news of Tears –

Liang Da sails towards port,

Al Manner, Viru-þ-jumu (Virtual Juju) Time.



Call the student travellers towards þ,

pluck it from the lion’s paw,

Maugli’s brother knows him not-

Marathi prints outer maps,

Tomorrow & Tomorrow

Treads by at a steady pace.



Helm mutters

Cultural Insights,

Offers Innocence aid, Áráumað .


I do not know if

we shall meet again –

perhaps tomorrow,

perhaps tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Mail from the Borderlands: Postcards of Sunrise & Tears

    1. Thanks very much. I had recently read that an intact bear skull was found, that suggests the Inuit description of a tiriarnaq ( weasel/ermine bear ). I thought the term made an interesting image-metaphor for current global political atmosphere.

      I had put the intended title of the post through Google search to see the result. It brought up a curious mission statement document from a school, which included the ambiguous terms Cultural Intuition , Convicted Civility, and Beyond Cultural Intelligence. Using some the terms and some lines from the the document, I built up the text that accompanies the postcards. 🙂

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