Newspaper Clips Headlines


Against protests loud –

He inherits cyber-war,

offering no proof.



To start –

my marketing decision,

process illegal and dangerously illegal criminals 

– the basis for each order

to the public.


Here’s to the Good Times –

Backwards is now no longer –

and an Open Mind.



He decided to raise money.


Salt Flats, Chilly Nights –

A Road Trip to Death Valley –

& Promoting Kitsch



A Desperate Bid –

Before Vaquitas Vanish,

Save Them – tears wash shore.



Jewish leaders vow:

We will not be daunted” –

strength in face of threats.



Note: Haiku constructed from news headlines. Free verse composed using found text.


4 thoughts on “Newspaper Clips Headlines

  1. I can’t tell you how prescient Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 It Can’t Happen Here continues to be as I plough through the opening chapters. Humpty Trumpty is almost following to the letter the fictional Buzz Windrip’s demagoguery to get himself elected — misinformation, made-up ststistics, unproven allegations. Almost the only differences are the parties they supposedly represent and Windrup’s relative facility with words. Though even his version of ‘The Art of the Deal’ was ghostwritten.

    1. Fascinating the way the creative mind can see to the heart of the problem/situation and reveal through an art medium. There is something discordant in American society – a Jungian Shadow of their better selves that keeps bubbling up in their popular culture. Unfortunately, as Mass Media technology evolves, the lines between journalism, political & societal institutions, and escapist entertainment & popular culture have become interwoven. The American Shadow now sits in the Oval Office angrily Tweeting.

      It was a great frustration in my last decade as a teacher, as even younger teachers were caught up in older modes of Mass Media to the degree that that did not consider teaching the use of critical thinking as it applied beyond printed text. Everyone wrung their hands over how the students used new media forms efficiently, but without thought to consequence or quality.

      We taught them how to write essay answers, read critically, produce presentations, debate, even compose resumes and lab & technical reports. Nobody, except the Media Literacy teacher, made a serious attempt to help them develop standards of critical thinking, and creative expression in the new forms of Mass Media. It is no wonder Twitter and Facebook have become a stew of misinformation and emotional attacks on individuals & groups. It is a a perfect place for Unscrupulous Marketers and Masters of Disinformation to prosper.

      *********** My Rant of the Day. 😀 😀 Next blog post will have a lighter tone. 🙂

  2. I particularly like “Salt Flats, Chilly Nights – /A Road Trip to Death Valley – /
    & Promoting Kitsch” … the last line sounds like an easy job, any vacancies?

    1. Lots of open arid desert – not much money to be made though. If you Google the lines it will provide a link to the New York Times article. 😀 More likely to suggest a photo tour. 😀

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