Yesterdays – Corroded Memory



Days I knew as happy sweet

Sequestered days.



Olden days,

Golden days,

Days of mad romance and love –

Then gay youth was mine,



And truth was mine.

Joyous free and flaming life,

Forsooth, was mine.

Sad am I. Glad am I,

For today I’m dreaming of

Of yesterdays.


Then gay youth was mine.

The truth was mine.

Sad am I, Glad am I.

For today I’m dreaming of

Of yesterdays.




“Yesterdays” is a 1933 song composed by Jerome Kern, with lyrics by Otto Harbach.

It was written for the show Roberta (1933), where it was introduced by Fay Templeton. The musical was adapted into a 1935 movie of the same name starring by RKO starring Irene Dunne, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Randolph Scott.  The song “Yesterdays” went on to become a well known jazz-blues standard, quite different from the original stage & film  renditions.


14 thoughts on “Yesterdays – Corroded Memory

    1. Many thanks. I was emulating John Sapiro’s work on his blog. He frequently uses pieces of artwork or pop culture to create his compositions.

      For this post, I used a painting and a magazine advertisement. The painting was Lovers under a Blossom Tree by John Callcott Horsley and the advertisement came a 2013 issue of Wired Magazine. I used textures created from close-up shots of plastic and an oven pan.

      I needed to break out of the trap of creating compositions relying on the same type of content and techniques. 😀

      Next post uses the same Wired magazine to scan pieces for manipulation. Included some more music as well. 🙂

      1. Is the texture on the frame the oven pan? It looks corroded. I love a bit of corrosion in my art!

        Yes, I can see the connection between this post and the next. I will now Google John Sapiro!

      2. Yes, it is, but it is blended with other textures. The runny streaks actually come from the plastic texture.

        Presently cutting up & tearing magazine pages. 😀

      3. Fun! I adore creative destruction!

        I love some of John Sapiro’s posts. I can see why you admire his work. I just listened to Iggy Pop on his post The Wasteland. What he does is simpler than what you do but it makes your work clearer to me, if you get what I mean!

        I laughed my head off seeing Chairman of the Bored again after decades. Pop is so outrageously creative and so serious but ultimately so silly. The Prodigy have the same effect on me. They so dearly want to shock, be aggro and antisocial but just make me laugh at their strutting pretentiousness. Love the music (and the giggling at their videos!)

  1. Never a dull moment with your stuff. Always something new going on. I haven’t been on for awhile. But its a warm welcome to see your stuff still up and about. Best wishes to you and hope to catch more of you soon.

    1. Thanks very much Ashley. Also thanks for visiting all these posts of mine. You are racking up lots of virtual miles . 😀

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