Pink Persuasion

A pink cocktail for a blue lady

And waiter, don’t tell her it’s from me

For you see that lovely, lonely lady

Whose thoughts seem far away

Was once the toast of Vienna

When Vienna was gay.   



You see, waiter, once she thrilled millions

How crazy this world turned out to be –

A pink cocktail for a blue lady

And fill this empty glass for me…




Images composed using cut-up ads and text from Wired Magazine (April 2013). Clicking animated GIF will take take you to source on Imgur.



8 thoughts on “Pink Persuasion

  1. I’ve really enjoyed these combined art/music posts. I still don’t see the Like function for comments on your blog. It must be there because Photobooth Journal, above liked my comment from the other day.

    1. Should be appearing right below the post. Below the likes, are recommended/related posts and then tags & categories.
      The only possibility is there may be formatting preferences/differences based on the type of digital devices used.

      Many thanks for dropping by & commenting. 🙂

      1. It’s just not there for me. It’s a small thing but it seems I’ve noticed other things wrong. I’m on a desktop. So, I don’t think it’s some preference somewhere. Anyway, thanks.

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