Asemic I Ching – Changes & Motion in Stillness








4 thoughts on “Asemic I Ching – Changes & Motion in Stillness

  1. Although I haven’t thrown I Ching coins for years these images remind of the process. The second image is particularly evocative. I like the 4th one too as it suggests the thoughts and images that flow through the mind when reading the commentary on a layout.

    1. Many thanks. I happened to have some pages of a printout from a website that does not appear to be active anymore. When I tore them up to create the loose collages for the scanner-bed , I noticed that I had inadvertently imitated the the grid pattern of the hexagrams. I decided to play with the pattern and digitally build it up. 🙂

  2. This is how I’d imagine a series of Braque paintings of a newsstand. I love it when your pictures have these wider resonances as well as an instrinsic beauty.

    1. Many many thanks for your observations & associations. Very much appreciated and they give me more things to consider when composing digital pieces. 🙂

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