Asemic Motivational Posters for Traveling Dadaists

Free on-the-go

children be confusing.

Making room

every time mindful of,




Just how much more

Traffic  eye                                                              GOOD MOTHER ?

Pit of confusing visual



can be helpful  but just



Then add to

your lane

Vehicles that

keep up with


action .


“Tho/u have to

rea~you’re be/ING

You^n. Heavy

info/^for cyclists



choose your

destination wisely.

Once again gathered inspiration from Claudia McGill’s Collage Poetry ( her compositions make much more sense –see link ) for process. As I put things together, it seemed to me that I had a couple of Motivational Posters shaping  up- but with a blend of asemic text, images & phrases cut from magazines and one of my earlier visual compositions.  So, if you are a free spirited child at heart Dadaist looking to wander/wonder, these posters & poetical lines are for you.


10 thoughts on “Asemic Motivational Posters for Traveling Dadaists

  1. Love these. There is a sense of there being sense to these exhortations and yet it is just out of reach, but you know you’re being given some livening=up talk! When I do collage poetry I try to avoid constructions that sound cool but also contrived; and I try to “make sense” but it always is more elliptical than how I write when I just write (as I do tend to overexplain…) And sometimes I group the words so that they just hang together but there are holes. I think you’ve avoided the obvious while hinting very strongly in this work. That is hard to do and so nice to read. Great work, I think. And attractive to look at, too.

    1. Many thanks. Initially I was going for a more visual outcome, even more asemic/fragmented text than as it turned out. It Trying to separate the text from the visual composition became a reconfiguration found poem. I tried to fit it all in an ambiguous zone, where one could see it as an ironic version of a Motivational poster or a challenge to complete your own Motivational set. 🙂

    1. Many thanks. Not sure if it is a progression, more like a one step forward, two step variable diagonal, slip on the banana . 😀
      Just trying to try new techniques and combine them with previous ones to see what it produces. 🙂

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